Having produced a 'cartoon' version of the EE Lightning ... never have got her to fly - she torques every launch. I have pondered doing away with a box fuselage and just like my Vulcan - create a profile one.

Anyone game for a go at it ?

That 60 degree sweep wing really makes it a trying project ... 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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60 degrees? Try 72!😃😃
Of course an EDF, particularly a relatively small one, does not have the same torque as a prop but even so you do have to be ready for it. A 'stab' rx can help too.
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Hi Q ... yep - I have followed most of your builds ... far better than I can ever achieve.

My mention of the 60 deg was more for the aileron setup ... with your 72 delta .. you have sufficient 'body' to the wing with a perpendicular trailing edge.

I would LOVE to create an EDF 'Frightening' .... but that fuselage tube would need serious setup to keep light but still able to carry the wings.

My thoughts are that with the depth of the F-4 .. F-6 Lightening fuselage in profile could provide a stabilising fin effect. The wings being swept as they are do not give much lateral resistance to torque roll. bac_lightning.gif
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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yes i have plans for an F6 EE Lightning single/twin edf model 
its very complicated (understatement) message/tag me with your email and i will trade the plans 
what cool plans do you have (iam a jets kinda guy)
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