I just came back from flying my Sky Viper S670 (Don't let the name fool u, it's a pretty cheap beginner quad which does have a decent speed to it in mode 3) and I found it hard to enjoy flying it thinking of all the restrictions that are already in place in many countries or are on their way. 

With its 70 grams the S670 is WELL below the 250 gram limit forced upon us due to all those ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** (insert any insult u see fit) who keep flying where they shouldn't. But seeing how far the restrictions have gone by now (and I've even heard of jammers installed where I used to fly regularly years ago and never had a complaint about it) I fear not even that will be light enough in a few years to be allowed anywhere except at model airfields (if they still exist by then) or in gyms rented just for that purpose.

I've even thought as far as quitting the hobby altogether, but I don't really want that. The thing is that my hometown is ALREADY littered with no fly zones and looking them up I just realized I was just outside of one of them flying my S670 half an hour ago. I sure hope they're gonna start tracking violators down and punishing them instead of passing even more regulations from now on, otherwise this hobby won't be worth the trouble for me anymore.
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I feel for you ... 

Before I left UK in early 90's - I was an active member of SMAE, in fact became Rep for SMAE for a number of RC Clubs I was in. The BMFa was being organised to 'as they claimed' be more representative of model flyers.
I can remember in those days the same arguments as happening today .... restrictions on where to fly and also how to get more people involved in the hobby.

Since those days I have lived in the Baltics and guess what ... again I find myself part of an organisation arguing the same !! The only difference is that instead of Helicopters being the topic - its now multi-rotors creating a base for argument.

Why is this ? Both Helicopters and MR's have a distinct difference to normal RC flying ... they can be flown in smaller spaces leading to 'idiots' choosing unsafe locations. The debate by the authorities and Hobby representative bodies are then drawn to include all forms of flight model ... collectively called UAV's.

I do not blame authorities for trying to control UAV's ... but unfortunately many national bodies are picking up guidelines from other countries and incorporating into their own guidelines. Forgive me for saying this - but USA has gone through introduction of some draconian measures - these have influenced many other national bodies. Luckily Latvia where I am does hold serious discussions - LARPAS - and is part of the collective used by Latvian CAA and in turn the Eropean Union's discussion group.
LARPAS and other European bodies such as BMFA have been able to get Club Rules accepted as waiver for CAA stricter flight governance in the EU proposed UAV rules. It remains to be seen how long this can be maintained given the 'idiots' still out there.

One area that is outside of our control here - example DJI implementing USA style limitations in Firmware of its Drones. Despite for example Latvia being more relaxed but safe flying environment - we find our Phantoms etc. subject to excess strict limitations.

I fear that our freedom to fly is eroding each day ever more as more locations ban the activity. 

Controversial comment :

I for one believe that the ability to buy Multi-Rotor and Toy 2ch stuff in Supermarkets / Toy Shops - is detrimental to our hobby. They are generally models with poor or unstable control. But 'parent' is subjected to kids wanting them ... the 'parents' often have no idea of risks involved with flying them ... the kids literally just fly where they want. It does not need an accident - the fact that someones trying or is flying a 'drone' in the park is enough to cause ban to be applied ... 
The very term itself 'Drone' is bad - it conjures up 'blood and mayhem' .... and Media loves that. 

Remember Hogwart ? Who was flying over the beach and woman got upset with him ... later episode where he uploaded a video of a gun mounted on his multi-rotor and firing it ... 
Turned out later that the mobile phone video he made of the woman 'attacking him' had certain parts edited out ... but of course by then media had had their day and were not interested anymore.
But anyway - its idiots like him and others like the guy who flew a Multi-Rotor in a New York street - colliding with posts .. walls etc. and put people in the street at risk ... he was heavily fined but its known - it did not change his ways .. he was member of an anarchic Drone group.

Sadly we have to try live with it and educate public that majority are not like that. Trouble 'laws' are made based on the worst case scenario and penalise the majority.

Rant over !! 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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I have to say that I too fly in public places, but in a safe manner! When I was out flying this afternoon I was next to a barely used road flying slalom around trees and lamp posts lining the side of the road and whenever someone was approaching to pass by I landed and kept the quad on the ground until they had passed. And when it comes to flying planes rather than rotor craft I only fly where there's a decent amount of space to land, even if there are people around. I've never come anywhere near hitting anyone except that one time when a dumbass mother let her child run in front of my glider on final approach despite me clearly intending to land! And even then I avoided a collision at the cost of a cracked wing root due to me having to pull up hard to clear the child. In hindsight it would probably have been safer to nose-dive into the ground and deal with the total loss but at the end of the day I managed to not hit anyone despite the stupidity of a mother who chose to not stop her child from stepping right in front of my plane.

And yes, after that incident I lowered my limit to how many people can be on site for me to fly there and since make sure to not land where children could run across.
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Children ..... 

We have a flight site that is an ex Soviet Airfield. It has two runways ... one grass, other concrete slabs. We park our cars and create a pit area about halfway along the concrete but on the grass. This allows use of both runways by full and model size aircraft.
Usually electric models of small to medium use the concrete side of the pits to launch while larger fuel jobs use the grass runway. 
We all know of the pit area / cars being between the flight lines and with cross winds - of course there will be take-offs / landings at angle to that. Most meetings there are very few or no children. But when there are - no matter that we tell them to watch and stay clear - occasionally one or more will 'enter the unsafe zone' ... it is rare .. its happened to me once ... no-one has been hit. It is subject of discussion in the club.
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Parenting is not what it used to be anymore it seems... Not to say there aren't responsible parents out there but given what I see and hear on a daily basis they're a tiny percentage of the whole. All those children talkin' smack about games they're not even supposed to play make me sick and are a tiny part of the reason why I chose not to have kids at all.
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Don't get me on subject of parents today ... 

I made mistake of airing what I believe were reasonable responsible views on a Facebook post by a ranting Mother !! 


Take note that this is a Mother ... the language is ***** ! And other 'females' jump in similarly !! Is it any wonder the kids are messed up ?

A simple correction to the skirt .. and a more reasonable approach would have gone a long way to achieving satisfactory outcome instead of ranting confrontation.

Go in any supermarket and see the kids ... parents apparently either given up or never control their kids. Listen to the kids language - then listen to the parents ... no wonder !! 

I am not a supporter of unnecessary discipline levels ... but the do-gooders have destroyed any semblance of being able to control kids. 

Years ago - my oldest son was difficult. We were in a supermarket and he was being exceptionally difficult this day. I asked him .. I told him .. stop it - behave .. which he ignored and in fact just made him worse. So much for Do-Gooders ways ... 
I finally had enough and slapped him on the arm ... he shouted he would report me .... but all the people around just looked at him and a few just told him that they would have hit him much sooner ... 
I was worried that I would be labelled cruel  ... but no - I was told by many that they also were at a loss what else to do .. 
My son was quiet for rest of the day !! 

Today ? We are great friends as well as devoted Son / Father. 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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That's another reason why I wouldn't want kids anymore. Ur either constantly trying to get them to behave and don't manage it or ur going too far and get punished. But sometimes hitting them is the only way to get them to behave.

I remember a bully back at school who was constantly coming back to get on my balls, and after a while I told him I was gonna hurt him if he didn't stop. Of course he kept going on and didn't give a sh!t!

Then someday I finally snapped (which already took some doing back then, even more so today), ran after him, caught up to him and gave him a single hard punch in the back. Of course he went to a teacher and reported me, but from that day onward he never came back to annoy me.
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Anyway .. back to whether rules for models are getting silly ... 

Yes in a way they are. But I suggest we not blame the gormless idiotic bureaucrats, but the idiot flyers who cause the problem in first place.

One idiot flyer can destroy a whole setup for a lot of people. The official then given the job of sorting it - often has no background or understanding of the matter at hand. He just wants to stop it happening again - his only recourse is to give power to Authorities to take action if person caught.
Media is no friend in this at all - as all Media want 'is a story' and the more gory / contentious it is - the more they like it.  You only have to look at during and after Media reports. During - its front page news. Later reports are barely able to make it to inside rear pages !

Sadly - the laws governing us in all forms are based on the worst case / lowest denominator factor. Take speed limits on roads ... they are set based on the least able driver and worst car combo.

When I was SMAE - we discussed so often how to educate public ... could we get schools to have open days to display models ... fetes and town events to include model flying displays. 
Here now in Latvia - I get involved in Village Events ... often driving quite a distance to show a few models and if safe large enough area - fly some models. I do try at least to fly my DJI Phantom ... and the Drone Racing guys set up their course ... 
But its a small contribution that needs expanding ... 
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solentlife wrote:
The official then given the job of sorting it - often has no background or understanding of the matter at hand.

Which is the exact fuckin' problem, and not only on this matter! It seems the governments around the world ALWAYS have people in charge of lawmaking who don't know SH!T about what they're messin' with! If only there were people working on this stuff who DID know what they're doing then sure as hell we wouldn't have all those retarded restrictions and idiots putting the lives of other people at risk would be tracked down and punished HARD instead!

It's the same sh!t with gun regulations, here in Germany there's a law on its way that's gonna ban all magazines that even just LOOK Like they could hold 30 rounds but have a stopper in them that only allows 10 rounds in! And since there were absolute DIMWITS at work I even have to fear that my AIRSOFT magazines will become illegal too, and since there are hardly ANY airsoft magazines that hold 10 rounds or less our whole hobby is about to become unplayable if they really go that far! And even NERF guns might fall victim to that new law, tho they do at least HAVE the option to just use 6 round magazines and wouldn't become useless altogether until someone decided to make dedicated skeletized 10 round magazines for the german airsoft market that one can identify as such at first glance! And of course that's only a part of the new law, albeit the most ridiculous one, followed by further restrictions to the ownership of deactivated guns and other guns that just DON'T DO SH!T in the criminal statistics!

Bullsh!t like that makes me wanna shoot up the german Bundestag where they debate about stuff like that!

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Interesting - you show a '47' firing !! 

I've handled 47's and later variants .. in fact was offered a 47 for $50 years ago ... but declined.

You may be interested : An ex Soviet Colonel showed me how they make the 47 more accurate for range shooting. They move the sights further apart ... simple ! It was never designed for 'long shots' ... it came about because Red Army needed a street fighter weapon .... basically spray doorways etc.

Here's my bodyguard in an African State I have work with .. (I'm guy in the middle)


Its a Chinese '47' with Russian parts ... such as the replacement wood stock ...

And yes ... it is fully loaded and he has Official permission to Fire if necessary. He rides in front seat of car in convoy while we sit in the rear. He can stop traffic, ignore traffic rules, basically his instructions from Govt are - do what is necessary to protect.

As you see here ... traffic rules are just something to ignore :


I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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I made that as an emoji to use whenever something pisses me off beyond all reasoning, and the way our government is currently destroying our country is one of those things.

I also got myself an airsoft AKS-74U for my future SHTF loadout. And I've started weathering it just an hour ago. Not sure what I should do to the wooden hand guard and the plastic pistol grip and mags to make them look like they've been through years of wasteland abuse.
One last picture of me holding said AKS during an airsoft game, then let's get back to topic and do all the off-topic chatter in a private conversation, shall we?
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OK ... 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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It's been a while now since my last rants about this kinda stuff. Does anyone have a clue about the current de facto RC aviation laws in the EU, possibly even Germany? I haven't flown anything except my little Blade MCX clone - and that one never leaves my apartment since it's WAY too light and sensitive to be flown outside - for the past several months since it's just no fun to fly without being sure it's still legal and I really don't wanna be punished over what I'd consider NOTHING,and my MiG-29 and X-31 have been collecting dust in the meantime.

Now that the summer is coming back (finally!) I'd like to take the 2 for a spin again, but for the reasons mentioned above I'm reluctant to do so.

Can anyone shine some light on this topic and possibly link to some up-to-date sources of information on what I am (not) allowed to fly over publicly accessible soil?
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