Time to try my test platform, the little dragon. The little dragon is a (test) rig that I try out different powertrains for my big J 35 that I work with at the side of my FRC and RCP builds. The plane is equipped with two D2826-6 2200KV Outrunner Motors from HK. My base motors that I use most often. The first attempt will be with APC 5x5 props. They deliver according to what has been measured, 29 oz each. The motors are mounted on the elevators.
The plane is made of 6mm Depron and wrapping paper with white glue like my Su-34 Strike flanker. This makes the Dragon very heavy but extremely strong. Ready to fly - 33 Oz

2 1300mha batteries
2 Turnigy 30 Plush ESC
2 D2826-6 2200KV Outrunners
2 APC 5x5 prop. (1 pusher)
2 Hitech standard servo 50g each. (19 years old ...) took them from one of my old gas plane.
1 HXT900 9g Micro servo for rud.
1 FrSky V8FR-II 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver

Just like the real dragon who was known for low drag, fast acceleration, and top speed, this streamlined model flies fast even at low throttle... and I did not dare to test full throttle in level flight .. Since COG was wrong I need more space... 5x5 props gives poor response, in low speed... emergencies, ...not a good setup for this 33 Ozplane.

Crash and burn ... - Maiden mov.
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It appears that you lost confidence and control at the point of wing rock. Whenever I'm in that situation I just cut throttle at least in half, get into level flight, and take it easy for a second. Give myself a second for a quick in-flight analysis to help make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Airflow, a fast plane for sure! Do you agree with BTick21? Is it repairable?

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