A few months ago, I decided to try out a Turnigy 9XR...This is a new product from HK, and I had hoped I could use it to replace my DX6i with a spektrum module for park flying. I also Wanted to upgrade to FrSky protocol for a more reliable link. About the same time I bought the 9XR, I called up Aloft Hobbies and bought a DHT-u module and FrSky 8 channel telemetry rx to use with the new Turnigy TX...Well, I had some problems with that combo. When I plugged in the Frsky unit to the 9XR, all the magic smoke came out of the module and it was fried. I don't know if it was the module or the TX, but both had been damaged. I was able to return the 9XR to HK for store credit, and the people at Aloft Hobbies graciously tried to figure out what had gone wrong and eventually allowed me to return my Frsky gear and even refunded me the shipping costs to get it back to them (these guys are top notch hobby store IMO)

...Now comes the absolutely stellar surprise I would have never expected: I wrote about my experience on this forum and others. I basically outlined my problem and told people how awesome Aloft Hobbies was and that I had really wanted to use Frsky in the future, and would likely just use a module and FLD-02 display screen instead of the DHT-U all in one module....

...SOMEONE was listening! because yesterday I got a brand spankin' new DJT Frsky module and FLD-02 telemetry display screen in the mail!! It came in a box marked "exchange/warranty" with a note stating:
" Our goal is to provide you the best level of service and offer you great deals on your hobby needs. Please let us know if we failed in any way!"
Frsky and Aloft have gone above and beyond to make a frsky user of me...
Thats the best customer service and attempt to make a loyal cutomer that I have heard of
...Now I just need to buy some RX and telemetry goodies and decide what module based tx to buy this summer!!! THANKS AGAIN FRSKY AND ALOFT HOBBIES!! I will tout your excellence every chance I get!!
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Wow! That really is amazing. I have thought about trying Aloft Hobbies for myself. After hearing this story I'll definitely give them a go. Thanks for sharing.

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aloft is a excellent store... I bought CF tubes and high quality servos to test their service and they delivers the package in record time... one week later the shipment arrived to my country ...well, now I have to wait our slow mail service in my country but this is another problem...
In sumary one of the best store I had used... for sure It will be my frsky seller: sensors and my future tx ( I'm waiting the next one, Horus, but Taranis is a big tentation)

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good luck!

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