Dodgy Crasher
Right so launched my RCP Sukhoi SU34 a couple of days ago, the very one that has flown perfect literally hundreds of times and it plunged into the deck breaking a wing , snapping off a cannard and busting the nose like Mike Tyson smacked it, not impressed 😠, and even more as i wasn't doing anything but taking off.
It was running an Aerostar 60amp esc, I took the wreckage today and did an autopsy, turns out it was the esc and not the propdrive motor as I first thought.
Now this aint the first plane of mine to fall out the sky with a faulty esc, a more recent one was a Hobbyking Slow poke which came fitted with an Aerostar esc, same thing motor cut out and it headed ground ward at no real forward speed basically smashing it beyond repair, I tried to claim Hobbyking for a new plane but it turns out i'd had it just more than a year despite the fact I had not long unboxed it and it had maybe 30 minutes fly time on it they said no chance.
A while back I had another plane fall from the sky, guess what type of esc that was ðŸ™Š
Anyway what I'm saying is fit one at your own peril ðŸ™†
I needed to build a new SU34 anyway as the foam was getting pretty soft on the wings on my old one, guess I have a reason now ðŸ˜
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That sucks! You really haven't had much luck with your hardware recently. I've been running those cheap yellow 30amp ESCs with no branding and they've never malfunctioned, so not sure what Aerostar are playing at.
BRB - Building another nosecone.
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Dodgy Crasher
Hi Mastermalpass
It seems the quality of the Turnigy stuff has dropped, had a recent lipo died after a few months, one cell wouldn't balance and it died after about 90 seconds of flight time from a full charge, that was a Turnigy nanotech 2200 3s  lipo
Aerostar is also Turnigy, I'm only buying those Hobbywing Skywalker esc's now, they seem faultless so far and are less money too and Rhino lipo's which also seem to work well.
I have always managed to crash spectacularly without help from dodgy electronics, so I'm basically trying lots of different stuff now and thats my favoured brands , so far ðŸ˜
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I swear by the Skywalkers - never had a problem with them at all.
Guess the newer Turnigy ESCs are starting to show their cheap and nastiness. The old Turnigy Plush were re-badged Skywalkers and I've got loads of them with no problems anywhere.
I've got a few HK ESC's from old planes and never had anything but trouble with them so they are used for ground test stuff now.
Whoever said nothing is impossible had obviously never tried slamming a revolving door...
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Red Brick ... Plush .... even the square linear Hk 50A esc's ... always had good from ... 

I am now using ESC's from Banggood ... literally 1/3rd the size ..... Racerstar ..... developed for drones / quads - so size was important .... price is kind to pocket as well ...

Depending on which one you get - can be programmed via an adaptor by WiFi or PC ... 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Dodgy Crasher
Yeah there is much better out there than the crap HK is dealing up just now, don't get me wrong they are a good quick place to get a decent range of stuff and pre-built planes, but that Turnigy electronic stuff at this time leaves much to be desired,
Hi Solent, I too use Banggood, Aliexpress is another, there is few stores I use but don't want to give them a plug them on here.
But I'm liking the Skywalker esc's that Sterling was talking about, there is a nice clean fast pick up on the throttle with them.
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