1526037049615-1630385061.jpg  Adams ready board hot glue 275 grams bare airframe
Doing V4 mods to V3 (might as well go all in)
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Looks good! Now, you're probably going to do this, but I build all my planes with this stuff. Where you have edges that require sanding or that will have hinging, you should remove the paper. What I do is score a line, then peel it off. Then along the score line, I run a light bead of glue with my finger. Super strong and keeps the paper adhered to the foam. I usually only leave the paper on the wing plates, verts and elevons for rigidity. My 2 cents.

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Using some tips from Flite Test, I will “seal” leading edges of wings/horizontal/vertical surfaces by hot gluing a bbq skewer along the edge. Helps keep the paper from peeling and adds more stiffness to the model. (I also use carbon fiber tubing, and I wear a belt with suspenders to hold up my pants. One cannot be too careful . . . )

The leading edges can also be taped with packing tape that wraps around the edge top-and-bottom, or left-to-right.

This adds weight, but I compensate with minimal hot glue (that stuff is heavy!), and usually stick with two servos for elevons only.
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