Awhile back decided on a "2fer1". Since most parkjets are way under 100mph and I wanted to drop a BellX-1 from my transport and fire it, chose a "D" rocket. Decided to design a safe ignition system as well as a plane that CG changes as the rocket burns. Wanted to see what speed can happen.

Solved my problems and test fired it. With ESTES data using a D engine a rocket approximately the same weight as my plane, would go over 400+ feet. Flight lasted about 2 seconds. So D=SxT it calculates to about 135MPH for the average. That is going the same speed over that distance. But since it starts sitting, it has to be higher speed to cover the same distance. So, a speed of 135mph.+

It has sit in the cellar due to its heavy weight which causes a steep glide angle to land. Need to also reduce the travel of the surface controls as you see the motion in the video. Super sensitive. So going to build another and try a launch, drop from my transport, glide down and then hit the rocket for a climb and glide home.

Playing it safe, decided to keep moving back, for if you fired rockets, you know anything can happen.
Anyway, 10 seconds of excitement.

Here's the build.

I like to design and fly unique planes.
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Yeah these are fun ... these and the ones where they touch off a rocket once already under flight .... and hang on.

Sure does make it a handful to fly though.
Fly like your mad at it.
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