Patrick Lawler

Well I built these two the F22 flew 12 times, first motor was a turnigy 26mm 2200KV with a 6X4, the performance was weak so I replaced it with a NTM 2700KV and it was crazy, unlimited vertical, flat out speed, and acrobatic as all get out. Ended up ripping the elevons off and that was that. In the process of building another 80% F22 with the same NTM 2700 but more carbon and fiber glassing with .75oz and Z-poxy finishing epoxy, will post pics.
The T50 got an RC landers 64mm EDF on 4s, it died on the maiden due to canard servo failures. It will be rebuilt and glassed also.
Next project after these will take all winter but plan on a 160% T50 V1 with twin 90mm edf and trust vectoring nossels.
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