Patrick Lawler

80% F22 V2 build, will be glassed, painted and have light system. This one will not have gear due to weight, but will build a 160% T50 V1 with dual 90mm edf and retracts starting this fall.

Main horizontal section is 2 layers of foam, nose and intake are single layer. There are additional layers added to top and bottom of the wings and rear intake area. The bottom pieces and intake have not been added yet. All edges are blended with Dap fast and final. I dilute the fast and final with a SMALL amount of water until it has the consistency of whipp cream so that it will stick and wipe well. Otherwise it must be "cooped" on to stick and requires more sanding. After thinning a wide popsicle stick can be used to smooth it on without too much excess. Allow several hours or over night to dry before sanding. The carbon rod was inset in the foam per Dave's method and epoxied in. The light wires were done the same as the rod only smaller groves then both the carbon rod grooves and wire grooves were filled in with the fast-n-final.

More progress pics to come, with glassing instructions and servo and motor mount PDFs.

Parts List:
Motor Mount
Prop Adapter
Control Horns
Push Rod Connectors
Servo Covers
Foam = Dollar Tree Foam Board Foam, paper peeled off.
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