Lanxian F16 with 70mm EDF ... 5S LiPo .... but I really am not happy with it. I have considered whether I could convert to a pusher prop .... Why ?

Its difficult for me in Latvia to get a decent brushless motor at economic price to power the EDF. The motor in there now is really on its limits with 5S to get the power needed. Guy who gave me the model had burnt out the factory motor trying to get her to fly at decent speed.... laden down with retracts etc.

In the video there - the landing - she hit a bad bit and snapped the plastic pivot for one of the all flying tailerons. So I had to convert her to fixed stab and elevators. Being EDF - I could not put a rod across the duct to create DIY all flying tail.
But if I was to convert to pusher prop - I could create all flying tail ... get better thrust and flight time from a prop setup. I have even considered a tractor prop ... with a suitable pointed spinner - she could look the part easy. 

I am looking for suggestions on motor size ... prop size ... LiPo .... (please note that RCtimer, Banggood and Hobby King are my sources ....).

Just looking in eCalc ... 

I gave 1.5kg
3S 3000
Turnigy 3530 1400kv
APC 9x5
8mins flight,
Thrust to weight 1.1 to 1,

So it looks like I can shave quite a bit of weight of by not having that hulking great 5S in there ... 

Looking in my spares box - I only have a 3530 1100kv so :

I then entered 1.2kg
3S 3000
TGY 3530 1100kv
APC 10x6
1.09 to 1

If I up to a 4S and drop prop back ...

4S 3000
3530 1100kv
APC 8x6
1.2 to 1


The question then remains about launching ... looks like maybe need to look at retracts being fitted t avoid the hand launch scenario - its a big model and no way for own to do it - must be second person. Or a 'dolly'
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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