John Greenfield uses his beautiful DH Tiger Moth to tow Darren Maples Orlik 3 up until it is nearly out of sight before Darren releases from the tow line and gracefully glides back to the strip for a perfect landing...BUT not before John executes some superb aerobatics sometimes trailing thick smoke. Awesome stuff !

The Tiger Moth first flew in 2011. It has a wingspan of 4.3 metres, length of 3.1 metres and and weight of 55 Kilogrammes. This model is 50% scale and is powered by a 384cc twin inline petrol engine.

The glider is a 1/2 scale Orlik 3 built by Darren Maple of the Ghost squadron from plans drawn by John Greenfield. The wingspan is 7.5m and it weighs 28kg. Full size plans of the Orlik are available as a free download from the "downloads" page of the Ghost Squadron website at

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