I have the Print Rite DIY 3D printer which is actually Colido parts ... it was a cheap buy from Hobby King a few years ago ... it survived my ham fisted use til recently and then I could not unblock the nozzle .... the nozzle had twisted out of the block and then filament had blobbed all over it .... 

It took a small propane torch to melt the filament to allow me to dismantle. In the process the Thermistor pulled out of its fitting .... 

It was quite obvious that it had run its course and searching on internet - I could not find any replacement parts except in USA. The shipping was WOW ... are you kidding me ???? 

Friend of mine has the Ender 3 Pro and he's always saying how good it is .. so Banggood had a price sale on and it was via an EU warehouse .... meaning no tax / customs etc. Clicked to buy and it duly arrived. Friend dropped in to help setup the Ender and it was soon printing merrily. (First job was Exhausts for Lancaster nacelles).

While waiting delivery of the Ender - I found out the my Print-Rite is also using the parts of Colido - namely the head and extruder .... so I ordered not only a full head with heater / thermistor / nozzle and feed tube - but also individual extra nozzles and tubes ... total 30 Euros ... 

Next day after getting Ender assembled and working - new head assembly arrived for the Print-Rite .... took about 30 mins to fit and soon I had that printing as well .... 

3D printers 15 Sept 2020.jpeg 
The 'yellow' is the Print-Rite and the 'black' is the Ender.

Pros and Cons ?

Print Rite :

Pros =
The vertical Z axis is maintained by dual threaded drive rods - one each side so the horizontal aspect is maintained regardless. This also gives bed levelling but only one axis. 
Every cable is plug and socket BOTH ends - so easily replaced or repaired.
Bed is covered with Painters Tape and then I use Hairspray to 'stick' prints.

Cons =
Not so easy to feed new filament in during a print - as the entry hole to feeder tube is slightly out of line to the sprung gate and cannot be seen.
No control panel - so all ops are via Computer screen - even when gcode is via flash drive or SD card direct in printer.
Printer must sit on perfectly straight surface so frame does not have any twist.

Ender 3

Pros =
Easy to feed in new fliament to continue print as filament drive is fully exposed ...
Near silent and very smooth running
Control panel gives access to all commands.
Bed levelling at all 4 corners.
Direct SD card printing without PC

Cons =
Filament feed angle is bad and needs change - why I have spool on holder at side instead of on the supplied mount on top of frame.
Single vertical Z threaded drive rod - means the other end of horizontal beam must be free running as possible to avoid any change to level.
Filament teflon tube mount in feed drive is liable to come apart - needs checking regularly.

Overall ?? The Ender does give a better print - but generally ? marks out of 10 ...

Ender : 8
Print-Rite : 7

Now I'm looking at what plane I can 3D print !! 
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I went the other way and designed a new printer from scratch and built it up using aluminium extrusion and printed parts.
Was so impressed I upgraded my old one to the same spec to get rid of the acrylic frame!

I run a MK10 hybrid nozzle though so it's all metal with no teflon throat as I had enough of the leaking and oozing as it started to wear out but the added bonus is the print quality and speed I am able to get is stunning - even in wood!
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I was just looking at the bed extension kit for my Ender3 for$165.00,inlarged it quite a bit.
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Having put a couple of test prints through ... the Print Rite (has slightly larger bed and print height) .... has come out near enough same as the Ender 3 ..... so a good refurb job fitting the new nozzle etc.

With regard Teflon tube ... as I understand with the metal tube + nozzle into square hot block - the Teflon tube is important to stop the filament from melting inside that feed tube before getting to nozzle .... 

When I fitted the new head - the new nozzle does not slip over end of Teflon ... the old one does. So I cut carefully the Teflon (I have a length of tube I bought for replacing regularly) so length was exactly needed ..... fitted nozzle and metal feed tube to hot head ... mounted on printer.
Took a suitable length of metal rode similar gauge to filament ... put Teflon tube into feed tube ... then the metal rod through the nylon guide into the Teflon tube ... screwed the guide on keeping Teflon aligned until guide traps it. This now means filament has a clear entry in to the Teflon ... 

I can now with care feed new filament in when old runs out. Something near impossible before.

Something I may try and do on my Print Rite is copy the bed levelling with 4 bolts and also the brilliant magnetic bed. Will need to see if possible to retro-fit an Ender bed ???

The Print Rite may have been a cheap unit - but given how much abuse its had and how long it kept going ... well worth the money.
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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