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As Columbo would say,just one more thing,,would you guys give the print speed you use,my software always states that it should be 50 but that does seem a bit fast.
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My speeds are a little odd to work out as it's all set in Simplify3D. I run at 3000mm/min print speed and I'll need to fire up the big PC to check the other settings for the retract and transit times.
I can go faster, but I prefer to err on the side of caution in case I get a dodgy bit at some point.
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I thought I might as well jump in, I printed this baby from
It weights about 800g with a 2200 balances perfectly with this battery and flies brilliantly, slips through the air on about 40% throttle, I have to say I'm really impressed.
I only really intended printing nacelles, motor mounts and that sort of thing for foamies with my printer, but thought I would try this as a proof of concept, and I have been very suprised with the whole experience. I picked this as it reminds me of the Durafly efxtra which I fancied for a while!
I have also downloaded a couple of 3dlab print files (not yet completed) and would say this was maybe not as sophisticated a design but the performance speaks for itself! Anyway here's a couple of photos of the beast. Cheers folks
20180627_142242 (2).jpg 
20180627_142255 (2).jpg 
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