Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera - Long term Review

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  1. Halloa guys :)

    as a Youtuber I'm obviously allways on the look-out for better camera's :) I'm allso allways on a budget though, but the last thing a video should offcourse do is make viewers click away because of the bad video-quality :$
    This time I tried the latest Xiaomi camera.. I've had good luck with their products so far (video-quad - Mix 2 phone - tool-set).. I had high hopes for the camera and wasn't disappointed :)

    Link to this cam: Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera

    Link to my playlist of unedited test-clips: Click Click Click

    So by now I've used the camera for about a month, and here are my findings:

    Chipset: Ambarella A12S75
    Sensor: sony IMX 317
    Video reselution: 720P 200fps / 1080P 100fps / 2.5K 30fps / 4K 30fps
    video codec: H.264
    Photi reselution: 8 MP
    Lens: 145 degrees f/2.8
    Screen resolution: 960 x 480 2.4 inch
    Battery Capacity (mAh): 1450mAh Li-ion
    Storage: CF max 64GB (not included)
    Touch screen: Yes
    Wifi: Yes
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Adroid app: Yes
    iOS app: Yes
    External microphone: not available Yet
  2. Picture without sound is one thing but a video without is no good to me. I know you could edit and add in voice or music afterwards but I am to lazy to do that.
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  3. Sure.. well as you could see / hear (start of the video) you Can use the audio, as long as you're more then say 50-centimeters away from the cam..

    the actual sound captured is offten replaced by (indeed) music in serious video's though..
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  4. Ok, so it does have an internal mic.
  5. ohw yes.. all audio is recorded by the camera itself (apart from the 'in studio' part)
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