TransTEC Frog 218 - Freestyle FPV Quad

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys :)

    yes.. another 5" FPV quad.. More then enough of those around you'd say! :p And that would be true offcourse.. TransTEC interests me as a company / brand though so I wanted to check this one out.. I could offcourse gone for the Emax Hawk 5, but that just seemed to easy to review ;)

    Link to it: TransTEC Frog 218 Freestyle FPV quad

    Here are my first findings on the quad:

    Wheelbase: 218 mm
    Geometry: True X
    Arm thickness: 4 mm
    Flight controller: Omnibus F3
    ESC's: 30A Dshot600 all-in-one
    Motors: Brother Hobby 2205 2600Kv
    Propellors: GemFan Windancer 5042x3
    FPV camera: Runcam Swift Mini CCD
    VTX: 25 / 200 / 500mW switchable
    OSD: Yes - Betaglight configurable
    Smart Audio: Yes
    Beeper: Yes
    Spare props: Nope
  2. And... here is the onboard (Runcam 3) footage of my first FPV flight with it :)
    Just feeling the quad out here..

  3. Update time :) Here is a short impression of it's FPV-flying capabilities :)

  4. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    ... and you're still piss'n off the birds over there

    Five inch frames just look almost clunky anymore after messing with 2 and 3 inch quads more. Definitely more floaty and slower reactions.

    I did see a little jello on the HD cam when in an aggressive throttle push. Evidently had seen it when catching it out of a turn by your comments.

    Very nice setup btw ... the video quality is excellent too anymore.

    Another appreciated follow up Dutch and thank you again
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  5. Thanks brother :) Yes.. could definately do with a bit more tuning this one..
    Strangly unpopular / unknown this quad, but well.. I don't have a steak in it..

    Yes! The Runcam 3 still works well doesn't it (and better weather helps)..
    BIRDS! :D
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  6. thunder

    thunder Top Gun

    Hi Dutch,another nice review,what do you do with the models that you have reviewed,do you sell them or do you keep them ?
  7. Thanks brother :)
    I usually just toss them by the roadside :p

    nehhhh.. Sometimes I sell them.. Sometimes I give them away to friends... I Definately don't keep all of them :)
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