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  1. Where Is My Download?
    - Go to the top of the RCPowers homepage and click on “Log In”.
    - Enter your username and password for the account that you ordered with.
    - Click on “My Downloads” and all of your digital products are in there.
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  2. Downloading, Printing
    - We designed our digital products to work on all common computers and devices.
    - This includes PC’s, Windows, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & phones, Mac OS X, and Linux devices.
    - If your computer is 5 years old or less, you will be fine.
    - Check your computer’s manual if you need any updates to use the suggested programs below.
    - For best results, use a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

    - Make sure you are logged in here.
    - Once you are logged in, click on the “My Downloads” tab located at the far right of the top toolbar.
    - In “Your Downloads” you can click on the orange buttons next to the product that you would like to access.
    - Now your PDF files will automatically download to your computer and any online instructions will open up in your browser.

    - Your computer should already have a PDF reader factory installed.
    - If not, we use a common program called Adobe Reader to open, view, and save PDF files.
    - If your computer is too old or does not have this program, you can download it free.
    - Here is a link to download this program: Adobe Reader (click on “Download Now”).
    - Make sure, that even if you have Adobe Reader, you have the newest update (this solves 90% of issues).

    - See this post on the basics instructions thread.
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  3. Passwords
    - If you've lost your password, go here.
    - If you just want to change your password, go to here (make sure you’re logged in).
    - You may need to clear your cache and cookies after resetting your password.
  4. Which Plane To Start With
    - The Su-35 V5 has proven itself to be the best beginner plane to start with.
    - The MiG-29 V5 is balanced, stable, and aerobatic. It makes a great second plane.
    - The F-22 V5 is fast with scale performance. It makes a great third plane.
    - See all of our planes here.
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