Paint pen v DTF v minwax

Discussion in 'Scratchbuilding!' started by Sidewayskiwi, Dec 3, 2018.

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    1543885668267-1803032059.jpg 1543885727222-770943359.jpg 1543885759458-345201746.jpg 1543885783647-418573906.jpg
    Well Flitetest FT Charlie ready to go
    Found this brand of paint pen
    (Anything pilot brand has to be a bonus for my planes)
    E3Scott showed me this idea to keep weight down
    Experimented paint pen on untreated white DTF really really good coverage pen has large chisel tip paint absorbs instantly and evenly
    Tryed minwax over prepainted parts excellent results no runs fading etc
    Treated white DTF parts yea to be fair nowhere near as good coverage but its OK
    Definitely paint pen before minwax
    Waiting for weather to settle (spring storms) and go flying
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