Hobbyking / Durafly Sidewinder - 1100mm FPV Wing

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  1. Halloa people :)

    remember this one? It was one of the last planes Stuart announced back in 2017.. My crystal ball tells me it's finally nearing release, so I thought I'd scrape together what I know / expect from it here :)

    Link to the PNF version: Durafly 1100mm FPV-Wing - Sidewinder PnF version

    Link to the Kit version: Durafly 1100mm FPV-Wing - Sidewinder Kit version

    Wingspan: 1100mm
    Motor: 3536-1780kv Brushless
    ESC: 60A Aerostar
    Prop: 5" for 4S & 6" for 3S
    Base chord: ?
    Tip chord: ?
    Sweep: ?
    Lipo: 2600mah 3S / 2200mah 4S

    And for now. here is the old announcement of it:

    Hopefull I (or others) can tell you more about the plane shortly :)
  2. Expectations based on the shape

    allright.. without having had one in hand yet.. Here is what I see..

    Pretty small tip-chord (8-10cm maybe?)
    the tip-chord is not Super small.. it's a semi general purpose plane for 'everybody' so it can't be to specific.. On the speed wings i've build myself I used a smaller tip-chord. That has a performance advantage, but it will allso make the plane a bit harder to fly.

    pretty agressive sweep
    again.. the sweep isn't Super agressive as it's suposed to be a 'everybody' plane but the sweep is definately more pronounced then in most wings.
    This will do 3 things:
    + the pitch stability of the plane will be good (if the rest of the plane is well designed that is)
    + getting the CG right is easier because you can plane the lipo further forward
    + the base chord is longer then if the sweep wasn't this big -> more drag

    motor (prop) pretty far behind the wing
    just Excellent. The further away the prop is from the wings turbulance, the better.. Yes this Does make CG-ing a plane a bit harder, but from my testing I'd say this is definately wurth it.

    on-wing vertical stabs
    Okee.. so the vertical stabs are places ON the wing, rather then on the wing tips.. Having them on the wing tips Can lead to more (yaw) stability.. The setup Hk chose here is more 'unfortunate landing' resistant however :)

    Here is by-the-way a video on one of my speed wings.. You can see a few of the things I mentioned above (small tip-chord + agressive sweep + prop far behind the wing)

  3. Allrighty guys.. here are my first findings on the aeroplane (and some tips)..

    I will do more (FPV) video's on it.. so far so good I'd say..
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