FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Quad - Review

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Halloa people :)

    regretably the shipping took a while this time cause I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this one :) The previous Furibee (full size) quads I've tried worked out Well :)
    So how about this one? I just got it in last week, AND it's on offer now :)

    Link to the FPV Quad: FuriBee X215 Pro - BNF (FrSky D16) version

    Allso available without a receiver: FuriBee X215 Pro - PNF version

    And I'll be flying it on: Hyperion G7 LiHv lipo's

    Sooooo nice specs! Does it fly well though? :)

    Wheelbase: 215 mm
    Weight: 95g
    Size: 175 x 225 x 60mm
    Arm thickness: 5 mm
    Brushless motor: 2206 2600KV
    Propeller: 5048 three-blade, PC + fiberglass
    Video transmitter: 5.8G 40CH 0 / 25mW / 300mW
    Antenna type: pagoda antenna
    Flight Controller: F4 32 bit
    Base firmware: Betaflight
    ESC's: Blheli-S 30A
    Camera: 1200tvl CCD
    OSD: yes
    Buzzer: yes
    LED's: yes (programmable)
  2. Small little update video on this quad today :)
    In my previous video you probably noticed the diagonal lines in the FPV feed..

    Is that easily fixed?? Let's see :)
  3. And.. yet another video on them pesky diagonal video-interference lines :p
    The weather over here has been horrible, but I really really wanted to test-fly the anti-interference-shield fix :)

    and yes.. credit where credit is due ;)
  4. Howdy people :)

    here is my Longer term review of the X215 Pro.. Originally I had expected to be doing quite a Positive review on this racy quad.. The FC having been replaced altered that quite a bit though :( (I really really prefer to do positive reviews)

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  5. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    More importantly with this stuff is being honest with yourself.

    Win or fail it's critical enough when folks spend good money on a product expecting a good result.

    This in large part is why I got into building my own stuff knowing exactly where and what worked... or didn't work. Most parts and frames are reusable enough to retrofit into the next upgrade. Purchasing a pre-built product doesn't always give you that option. It suddenly becomes a throw away item and a poor investment.

    Keep up the good work Dutch ... I appreciate you staying on top of these things.
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  6. Thank you sir! I must admit I do sometimes just want to Fly stuff, but as you know I've done quite a few builds as well..
    Those self-build quads have a tendecy to Stay in my fleet, where these pre-builds mostly get sold off (IF they fly well enough.. if they don't I won't sell them)..

    I have an absolutely Awesome pre-build quad coming up by the way, but that one isn't el-cheapo by any means :$
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