FlySky NV14 Nirvana - Drone radio - Review / Log

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by DutchRC, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Hi there people :)

    this thread will be more less a combo of a review and log of the development for this new FlySky radio..
    At the moment I start this thread the firmware isn't really ready, so I'll post updates on that as we go along..
    Obviously others are more then welcome to post their findings / thoughts / updates!

    Link to this radio: FlySky NV14 Nivana drone / FPV radio

    So the NV14 Nirvana huh? It is a radio specifically designed for drone / FPV pilots. Does that mean the radio can't be uses for planes / heli's etc? It definately can AND I will test that.. Regardless of that I think it's refreshing to see a company try a design that's very different from what we are used to :)

    To start things.. Here are my (current) first thoughts on this transmitter.. I've done my best to make this as unbiased / objective / honnest as possible:

    Updates on this sage will follow shortly :)

    Download page for firmwares:

    Link to my NV14 Nirvana Playlist:
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  2. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    It certainly is a good step forward. That cutting edge thing is a delicate market to play too so kudos to flysky for taking the risk.

    I'm seeing more the trend that rf equipment is wanting to lean towards a java base OS... similar to android. Beyond the current opensky/opentx the next OS platform is already back-boned and android is accessible to build forward. We'll see where that goes right.

    Wireless and bluetooth stuff.

    Two things that stood out for me was.

    1. No neck strap. I like a neck strap when flying LOS because 2.

    I'm a pinch fly'r and the nature of this design is for thumb type work.

    I do appreciate the review Dutch.
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  3. Yep.. I allso applaud FS for sticking their neck out this way.. and true. a more mature OS would surely be nice.. How about just clicking your phone into a cradle, and have your phone be the brains of the TX?

    Does come with a neck strap hook (I briefly showed it in the video) but I have mine removed from the radio..
    They do say they designed the radio mostly for pinchers, but I can't really find a comfy way to hold it for pinching to be honnest :$

    Cheers man! :)
  4. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    That was point. Shell your entire system under a small bluetooth umbrella.

    Your phone would link to transmitter for setup or navigation variables, link reciever and/or flight controller. Once in the flight controller uart over into your video stuff ...ect.

    Radio control is still 2.4g and video is still 5.8g for example....bluetooth would only be the management/control environment for preflight and setup.

    There is a lot of room for development in that realm yet. Bluetooth does channelize well but in a crowded field or race environment you really need a well behaved setup.

    This radio really is cool to look at. I'll give it a chance to see where you go with it.
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  5. Yeah... Move to a different radio system? Doesn't matter.. you models are in your phone..
    Development in the RC industry is allways difficult though sinds it's a very Small industry..

    We are using smartphone components as our flight controllers.. security / car-back-up camera's as FPV cam's.. 1970's electronics for our DVR's..

    Okee! :D Let's first see where this radio takes us indeed :)
  6. Small (but not unimportant) update on this radio :) The spring tension of the sticks is rather LOW.. In this video I'll show you how to easily (and cheaply) solve that issue :)

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  7. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    Interesting .. one of the first things I did on my taranis was to raise the sticks and back off some of the tension against the gimbal(s).

    They've done well to fill in every bit of available space inside of there too. Keep us up to speed Dutch because I really do like where this radio is trying to go.
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  8. yeah :) they went to great lenghts to keep the radio as thin as possible :)
    The gimbals are VERY very preciese by the way.. more so then my Horus X10S (which allready has good gimbals)..

    I haven't flown it othe then in the simulator yet (gale force winds over here) but the lag should allso be lower then with FrSky TX's..
  9. Howdy peoples :)

    new video from me on the NV14 radio again.. This time I took it out to do some fixed-wing flying with it...
    I wanted to see how useable / comfy this TX is for airplane use, and if the antenna needs to be folded out for LOS flying.....

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  10. Having a detailed look at drone / FPV receivers for the Flysky ecosystem.. We do need us some receivers for our quads.. right? :)

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  11. And.. here is a short video on how to actually upgrade the firmware on this (and other OpenTX) radio :) Mostly aimed at people that are new to OpenTX offcourse...
    Hope it will be usefull to some!

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