[build] GepRC AX5 Airbus Monster Quad Build Project :)

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Hi there RC people :)

    It can be a lot of fun to buy / order up a ready made RC, and go out & fly / drive it right away :) On the other hand great satisfaction can be found in selecting all components yourself and then build the craft :)
    This allso gives you more insight into how things really work (and how they do Not work :p)

    The objective in this project is to build a POWERFULL FPV quadcopter. My last build was an experiment into a very Light build.. Not this one.. This one will have beefy motors.. beefy ESC's.. all that :)

    This series will be quite a nr. of video's and I'll try to put as much info into the individual video's as possible. This allso means the project won't be ready in just a few days as well offcourse ;)

    Let's first have a look at the frame for this build :)

    Parts selected for this build:
    Quadcopter frame: GEPRC GEP-AX5 Airbus frame
    Flight Controller: F4 V5PRO Flight Controller
    ESC's: DYS XSD30A ESC's
    Motors: DYS Storm 2207 2550kv motors
    Lipo: Hyperion G7 HvLi Graphene lipo
    Props: DALprop Cyclone v2 5046C
    FPC cam: RunCam Swift CCD camera
    FPV antenna: Foxeer antenna
    Receiver: FM800 PRO FASST Sbus receiver
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  2. Halloa! :)

    Update time on this Monster-quad build :) We'll be adding motors & ESC's to our setup.. Now in the past I'd be bench-testing motors, but in This series I'll try to make thing more about How to actually build a quadcopter.. So in that sense this series is more for people that have not build (manny) quadcopters yet :)

    Here we go:

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  3. Halloa! :)

    Update time on this Monster-quad build again! :) This time we'll be adding the Power Distribution Board (PDB), Flight Controller (FC) and Video Transmitter (VTX).. In this case it will be an all-in-one board: the HGLRC F4 V5Pro board.. Handy pandy! :D

    Here we go:

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  4. And yet another update for This project man! I had planed to now publish a video on the firmware setup on the Fc & ESC's.. I first wanna check my work though.. So does this quad actually fly?? and if so.. anything horribly wrong with it's setup???

    Let's find out :)

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  5. And.. here is my final build-episode in This series :) This time we'll have a look at the firmware of the (BLheli) ESC's and the firmware (Betaflight) of the flight controller :)

    This is more a general purpose video for people that have just build a quad, or got a RTF one in...

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  6. lysle42

    lysle42 Ace Pilot

    thanks so much great info and great fun to watch
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  7. You are welcome & thank you for the compliment :)
    I hope some people will get something out of it :)
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