Big 1.7m Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II EDF jet

Discussion in 'Storebought Planes' started by dominicm, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. dominicm

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    With all my recent filming of turbine A-10s I had to have the nearest thing. One of the 'Essential RC' team had told me Motion RC had opened an EU warehouse so after a quick stock check on their web site I made the order for the big 1.7m Freewing A-10. It shipped same day and was with me 2 days later! Building time is very quick. Simple assembly takes 30-60 minutes. Applying the water type decals takes several hours if you want to apply them all. I used two Optipower 100C 5S6000 lipo packs. Achieving CG was easy at about 85mm from leading edge. The video shows take off from a very short strip. Although possible it's not recommended. Having a more aft CG and holding in the elevator until the front wheel is off the deck is a must to achieve it. A fully aerobatic flight. Enough power. You can retrofit 90mm fan units but I don't see the need unless you want unlimited vertical but at the cost of less flight time. I timed for 4.5 minutes which gave me 15-20% left in the packs. The landing was overshot on this video. First time flying the A-10 at this site. In hindsight should have made a lower approach. The descent gave me extra speed on touchdown I didn't need!

    All in all a spectacular and big EDF jet. Not cheap but considering it's size and it's plug'n'play format it's fair. Building something like this from scratch would be a lot more expensive. The included ordnance set is fragile, especially the sidewinders but 3D printed replacement versions can be found in

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  2. Lgel

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    Great flying skills!
    Great recording too.
  3. JettaManDan

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    very cool. I love A-10's..have a few myself..but none of them are great under-powered twin EDF..and a rear motor prop driven one....i would like a medium size one..been looking...this is a bit big for the places i fly. But looks great!
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