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  1. About Us Dave.png
    Who Is RCPowers?
    An online RC business that started in 2004.

    What Do We Do?
    1) Weekly YouTube videos.
    2) Design and sell parkjet PDF plans.
    3) Create and sell Ebooks on parkjets.

    Who Are Our Customers?
    Thousands of scratchbuilders from around the world.
    Search our name on YouTube or scroll down to see for yourself.
    If you can make a paper airplane, you can do this. The Get Started page will show you how.
  2. “Stole the show at the field!”
    FLAWLESS maiden weekend with the new SU-27 SS. It is the most stable high alpha maneuverable jet I have. The F-18 does a nice high alpha, but the SU-27 takes the prize. I have never had so much fun at hovering and 3 miles per hour in my life.
    By Heat | February 8, 2016

    “Best flying parkjet I have built”
    I maidened the su-27 yesterday. This plane flies beautifully, no trim needed. I was flying around nicely at 1/3 throttle. It would go straight up like a rocket at full throttle. So far it the best flying parkjet I have built.
    By charles52 | November 11, 2015

    “Will steal the show!”
    It was a nice day and took my SU27 out for flying. On calm days it is the most fun jet to fly! It slows down so well like a trainer and very maneuverable at the same time. I just love doing loops on this - it will loop on the spot! All in all, If you want to have some fun and show off, this jet will steal the show!
    By malukk | March 27, 2016

    “Veterans at the field were mighty pleased”
    The Su-27 Is a joy to fly and is so darn easy, awesome design and super stable at low speeds. The veterans at the field were mighty pleased, seeing the beautiful lines and simple flight characteristics of only elevon setup. The maiden flight just required to adjust the battery position for making it nose heavy. Three flights in the first day, without a dent in the airframe. Regards from Pune India
    By RedRazor | November 11, 2015

    “Simple yet brilliant!”
    Dave and you have done a wonderful job designing this plane… I could see sooo many "little things/details" added to this design, to name a few e.g.: The missile rails cover/hold the CF rod ends so that during flex the ends won't pop out - now one can attach it on the bottom of the wing without necessarily adding a tape over it (lot of small things like these save weight overall) - simple yet brilliant I think! These additions save time yet build comes out fast, symmetrical and beautiful!
    By malukk | February 15, 2016

    “People asking me to sell it”
    High praises for RC Powers as this stole the show at the field this weekend... The SU-27 at 3 miles per hour absolutely got several people asking me to sell it on the spot.
    By Heat | Feb 8, 2016

    “What a blast!”
    Just returned from flying the 27 with operational rudders. What a blast! I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the rudders given their size and the fact that they are located at the outer reach of the prop wash. Once again I found myself a little red faced, but with a BIG OLE GRIN on it. :D Hovering nearly motionless into a 5-8mph breeze is almost magical... I highly recommend to anyone building this plane, go with the rudders. You'll be glad you did. ;)
    By pileit1 | December 4, 2015
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  3. “My first build”
    The Su-34 V4 is my first build. Greatly enjoyed your plans, forum and the master parts list for a newbie to get started! Thanks Dave! I appreciate everyone's input as well!
    By EricR | September 1, 2014

    “Suprpasses most store bought models”
    You guys are inspirational. The V4 fleet performance surpasses most store bought models available today for hundreds of dollars!
    By Rustyfingers | July 3, 2014

    “I have never flown a easier flying, more stable plane!”
    Wow! I flew my newly built F-18 V4 today, first time. I have never flown a easier flying, more stable plane! I'm hooked! cannot wait to build the others. Anyone reading this and do not have the V4 Package, Get it, it's well worth it! I could not be happier! Thank you RCPowers, and others that have helped me on this forum. Gary
    By theplumber717 | August 26, 2014

    “Almost flies itself!”
    Loops, rolls, slow, low, and inverted flight. I love how this plane flies. It has zero bad tendencies. Almost flies itself!
    By sgf323 | October 21, 2014

    “How resilient these RCP planes are”
    It never cease to amaze me to see how resilient these RCP planes are. Sure they break but they can usually be easily fixed times and times again before their last flight finally comes . It is pretty remarkable and says a lot about their design.
    By fmt2bx | October 2, 2014

    “Everything I dreamed about doing when I was a kid”
    Fun! Fun! Fun! That's what this hobby is. Everything I dreamed about doing when I was I a kid, I finally got too, and now from this site/people, I have building plans/skills to make and experiment on my own and fly. It's pretty amazing, with the right knowledge, tools and a couple part's, you can make something defy gravity like that. And then come back to you safely. It's great feeling, that it used to be 2 sheet's of flat lifeless foam, that now take's to the sky.
    By theplumber717 | August 26, 2014

    “You build 'em, toss 'em in the air, and they FLY!”
    Let me just say one thing about RCPowers Jets... You build 'em, toss 'em in the air, and they FLY! I just came back from the Maiden of my 3rd RCPowers, the Mig-29 V4. Woohoo!!!
    By christ_tall | August 3, 2014

    “No guesswork”
    Hey guys. Just wanted to say thanks for making the V4 Pack so darn good! I have only built the the Su-30 to date but foam is on the way and the F-18 plans are ready. Love the build techniques you have developed and the instructions leave no guesswork. Plus the forums and the fellas on them are so helpful. Great stuff! Ive got the MiG-29 plans printed too - winters are long in CT! Thanks a million.
    By Rustyfingers | November 6, 2014
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  4. Testimonials 2.png
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  5. “Outstanding”
    In a word "Outstanding". The new MiG-29 V4 is honestly one the coolest parkjets out there. The few design changes really made for an incredibly stable fly anymore. Very VERY well done.
    By TomMonton | July 3, 2014

    “Flies SUPER and lets you learn at the same time”
    I took the Su-30 out again today. What fun for a beginner to be able to fly and have time to recover when a pilot error occurs. I find that a lot of guys who fly, (at least in my area) don't have too much of an interest in helping newbies get up and going. So this is a plane that flies SUPER and lets you learn at the same time is just WOW. Thanks for all you do!
    By marair23 | May 19, 2014

    “The V4 is a pure joy to fly”
    In summary, the V4 is a pure joy to fly and a great enough improvement over the V3 to justify buying the RCPowers Package (even if you don’t intend on building any of the other planes). BTW, if you are a beginner builder and flyer, build your first plane stock. After that design, build, fly and post your modifications so we can all learn.
    By sgmoran | June 8, 2014

    “Such an enjoyable airplane”
    There is just something remarkable about the Su-34 "Super Trainer" which makes it such an enjoyable airplane. It can go fast or slow and it looks so good in the air... Having tons of fun here.
    By fmt2bx | September 9, 2014

    “My kids are into it as well”
    I'm fairly new to RC but RCpowers got me hooked as well. What I find terrific is that my kids are into it as well. 8 and 10 years old but they love it. My boy has been watching the RCPOWERS videos and asked me if he could build the Su-30 while I build the Su-34. Of course, nothing else would make me happier. He is mesmerized by the fact that the sheet of foam turns into an airplane. What a fantastic way to spend time. A hobby which teaches so many new and interesting skills. Thank you guys!
    By fmt2bx | August 26, 2014

    “Worked their magic again”
    Yes, the MiG-29 V4 does rock, as I have said a few times, not sure how Dave and Scott did it, but they somehow worked their magic again on this amazing plane, taking the V3 to another amazing level![​IMG] I'm still getting a few aspects dialed in, but what a great excuse to keep flying such a great plane.
    By e3_Scott | May 27, 2014

    “Encouragement and inspiration”
    I feel like I have made lots of progress. Fantastic designs and plans along with lots of help, encouragement and inspiration from the forums have been useful and even more important make it fun!
    By flightyfishcake | July 26, 2014

    “Did a ton of research”
    New to RCPowers planes. I've made many attempts to fly rc planes over the years. Electric gliders, zaggi flying wing, and several others. I could never get enough stick time to learn to fly. launch, fly....crash, repeat. I got the bug again and did a ton of research. Found RCPowers. I'm not sure I took the claims hook line and sinker but the videos did seem look like the plane would be stable. So I tried it... WOW! the plane took off level and stable. The build, sourcing parts, and flight all were as advertised. I've flown 6 flights using the full battery each time and the plane is still in one piece. I'm already flying loops, rolls, inverted flight, etc. So OK if can't can't tell I'm hooked. Great job on Dave on the website.
    By jzaboski128 | January 14, 2015
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  6. Testimonials 3.png
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  7. “One of the easiest and fastest planes to build”
    Must say, the Su-34 is one of the easiest and fastest planes to build. Impressive size for a foamy jet. Scott and Dave did an awesome job on this one. Love the looks of it. Cant wait to put some paint on, install servos and go for a maiden.
    By malukk | June 23, 2014

    “Built my confidence in flying”
    THE SU-30 V4-THANK YOU- THANK YOU- Dave & Scott. This plane is a DREAM,DREAM, DREAM! WOW! ELEVONS ONLY. I'm the guy who destroyed a BIXLER RTF in 5 flights! Have broken more props and wrecked more home made planes then I or you could count! I have struggled so so much to build a fly an RC plane you have no idea! But from the time I launched it on the maiden-IT BUILT MY CONFIDENCE IN FLYING- IT IS JUST ONE SWEET FLYER-AND IN THE WIND!!! DOUBLE WOW!!! 7 short minute maiden flights to check and recheck the setup and only one pilot small error, 5th flight I caught a strong cross breeze landing and that painters tape and mod podge saved the nose, just reformed it with my hands and back up in the air it went! Thanks for GUYS for all time it took to design them all, It's so much appreciated.-Marair23-HAPPY CUSTOMER
    By marair23 | May 17, 2014

    “Can’t believe how easy they are to build and fly!”
    About 10 people at the local club are flying MIG29V4 and they love them. They can’t believe how easy they are to build and fly. There was a Dad and son at the field with a brand new Bixler. When they landed, I gave them the SU34. They were very nervous as they thought, given the looks of the plane, they would be out of their depth - they never went back to the Bixler and the look on the son’s face was priceless. Here he was, a 14 year old flying a Russian Fighter - wait until he tells his mates!
    By Alex, RCFoamFly | December 11, 2014

    “I really like the lugs to help locate COG”
    Finally completed my Su-30 and waited for the wind to drop. Maiden flight was really very smooth with just elevons and rudders. I really like the lugs to help locate COG. One less thing to worry about for the first flight.
    By flightyfishcake | July 20, 2014

    “Easy to build, easy to repair, reliable, easy to fly”
    And it would not be possible without any of you, Dave and Scott. I am grateful that you two have the ability to "look deeper", otherwise we would not have such amazing aircraft. Easy to build, easy to repair, reliable, easy to fly and finally, fun to fly! You and Scott have done an outstanding Job. I do not understand how to improve something that I already thought was perfect, already a year ago, when you released the V3 series.
    By Airflow | June 3, 2014

    “I am so hooked”
    Maiden flight this evening and the only thing I can say is, WOW!!!! What an amazing flyer, so smooth, incredible slow flight ability, straight as an arrow. I was impressed by my first RCP build, the F-18 but this SU34 is such a nice, almost relaxing airplane. Beautiful shapes and glides even better than the F-18. I am so hooked. Anyway, if you haven't flown it, I would strongly suggest you do. Cheers.
    By fmt2bx | September 4, 2014

    “Instructions are more professional”
    Dave and Scott, The V4 drawings are beautiful! I've got Depron and FoamTac ready! Great job! And, while I didn't have problems with the V3 instructions, the MIG-29 instructions are more professional and gray foam does stand out nicely. Again, Thank you both!
    By Dave748 | May 12, 2014

    “Love the CG notches!”
    I love the CG notches! I noticed in one of the videos, Dave checking the CG of his plane just before it flew and thought I should put a dot of glue (or something) on the underside of the wing on my plane so I get in the habit of checking it each time. Thanks for adding the notches to the plans.
    By dschmidt | May 12, 2014
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  8. “Score & fold design genius”
    I just bought the V4 Package and after a quick look at the plans and instructions all I can say is: RCPowers did it again! The design and the plans of the V4 planes are a work of art, as always. Scott is a score & fold design genius! Also the pictures in the instructions are really nice (they used dark grey foam during the build so there is more contrast and visible detail). Unfortunately, family issues (rather tragically) and work won't allow me to start building very soon (I still have a 90% done F-35 V3 waiting to get finished, and two other V3 planes already cut out since 4 month). Anyhow, the V2 and V3 series have turned out to be well spent money for me and I have no doubt this will also be the case for V4. Keep up the good work!
    By CptChaos | May 14, 2014

    “Thanks for taking that guesswork out”
    w00t!!! got the V4s!!! First thing I noticed that I definitely appreciate are the CG tabs and velcro placement suggestions. Weird as it may be, I feel a lot better knowing exactly where I should be putting down velcro THE FIRST TIME instead of making educated guesses - which end up being kinda right and weighing the plane down from my not-so-accurate guesses. Because we ALL know that on some planes, it's a PAIN to get that velcro in just the right spot after the build is complete. Thanks for taking that guesswork out of the builds, Dave and Scott!
    By gibby1117 | May 12, 2014

    “Did not require any trim”
    Just test flew my new Su-34 V4 with elevons only. What a fun plane. Did not require any trim changes after take off. Love the way it flies either fast or slow. Need a lot more practice but found that it flies exactly as advertised and with the C of G right on what a rush. Did not know how to get on the forum so thought I would send email this way. I added a couple of small mods. Took rectangle of 6 mm depron on the bottom of the engine nacelles with some fibre glass tape. I taped these on so that when the wear just take them off and replace with more tape. Also added just a small wedge of three pieces of depron sandwiched together under the nose to keep from wearing it down. The plane AUW came in at 25 oz. For such a large plane sure flies well. Thanks again to you and all of your team,
    By Andy C. Schulthess | 11/14/14

    “Man I love this plane!”
    Just got back from a 45 minute session of flying the F-18 V4. Man, I love this plane! Today was probably one of the best days of flying I've ever had. Sunny, very light breeze, and I just seemed to get deeper into the groove with every battery. I've never felt so 'in control' of the plane, which I had doing all sorts of low/slow and low/fast stuff. Brilliant! High-alpha, inverted, flaps, no flaps, elevons only, all-elevon mix, you name it. This thing really is a full-spectrum all-rounder. Very happy camper today. I deliberately decided against taking the GoPro; I just wanted to fly.
    By JohnFromOz | October 4, 2014

    “Blown away by its handling capabilities”
    Maidenhead my F-18 V4 and was blown away by it's handling capabilities. First time with a 4x4 setup and it took me a few minutes to get used to the responsiveness. Longest flight yet at seven minutes! Then I found a chain link fence. I was still smiling though. Luckily I'm using a 2700 so Frankenstein can handle the extra glue weight and will fly again! Build, fly, crash, repair, repeat!
    By homey66 | October 11, 2014

    “Did not have to use any trim”
    Test flew the F-18 V4 twice this morning with awesome results. Did not have to use any trim during the whole flight. Did loops, rolls, Cobras, fast passes and slow flight. This is a forgiving platform with no unexpected results. 1st flight was 14 min 30 sec on a Motion RC Admiral 2200 Pro 45C battery and 2nd flight on another Admiral 2200 Pro battery 12 min cause I flew vertical for 30 seconds. Gets a little small.
    By hawkhaven | November 28

    “Easily went together”
    Started making my first V4 today, the Su-30. Really pleased with how easily it went together. This is my 5th RCPowers plane, so I'm getting the hang of them now. Even so I'm amazed with my average cutting out skills it still fits together so well.
    By flightyfishcake | May 26, 2014
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  9. “Completely free of trim”
    I've got 4 flights on her and I agree with everyone who has flown her, super stable!!! The maiden was completely trim free, and the high alpha capability is great. I used colored packing tape on the wings to provide extra strength and to keep the weight down (my paint techniques usually go to the heavy side). Anyways I plan on putting a gyro on her to eliminate wing rock at high alpha. Soon as I fly her again I will upload video, great design, great build, great flight! I built this along side the F-18 V4, and I got a little cut happy and accidently cut out the ailerons when I was planning on just elevons and rudder, oops!! But I have the ailerons on super low rates and the tail end is doing most of the work!!
    By ColoradoFlyer | May 27, 2014

    “Having a blast”
    Just painted it up today and took it out to fly again. Paint still tacky. I'm having a blast with this plane. Thanks Dave for all the work on the design. This is the best one I've tried so far. Looking forward to building the rest of the V4 over the next little while.
    By jimpalmer | August 6, 2014

    “More and more impressed”
    This plane flies so well, every time I try a new RCP plane I am more and more impressed.
    By fmt2bx | September 9, 2014

    “Compensates for my lack of skills”
    Great day here today. 80F and light breeze. Went with the kids to fly the Su-30 and practice hovering. WOW! What a great day that was. The plane flew so well, I am far from mastering hovering but this plane design (thanks to Dave and Scott) compensates for my lack of skills and we all had a total blast. Thanks Airflow for the tip, I increased the throws of the rudders and it made a big difference. Fabulous day.
    By fmt2bx | October 4, 2014

    “We both had lots of fun”
    My wife asked if I could go fly so she could watch!!!! How marvelous is she!!!! Didn't have to ask me twice. So got the RCP Su-30 with new GWS 6x3x3 prop and what a difference compare to the APC6x4. Less power required, more punch, and longer flight time. Best of all it allowed me to get more comfortable with low flying and High Alpha. My wife had the camera and we both had lots of fun. This Su-30 is built stock, KF, Grayson MJv3 and a 3S 1300 battery. This airplane is purely AWESOME!!!!!
    By fmt2bx | October 18, 2014

    “Kids jumping around me with excitement”
    As soon as I had the plane in the air I had a pair of very excited 7 year old twin boys come running to join me from elsewhere at the sports grounds. Man, could they talk! I was fielding their questions non-stop during the whole flight. It's a miracle I didn't have another crash, but it made my flight even more enjoyable. As a Dad with grown-up sons, it was a kick to once again have little kids jumping around me with excitement! The Su-30 flew brilliantly, although my tragic attempts at hovering aren't worth mentioning. I'll keep working on that. What I loved about the Su-30 was its impeccable manners at very slow speed; so easy to rudder it around at low level with virtually no airspeed. I can already feel she wants to high-alpha. I'm really looking forward to working on hovering this baby, in due course.
    By JohnFromOz | October 20, 2014

    “Home run!”
    Awesome plane, home run! I was able to get eight flights in 10 mph winds so I flew with 2200 batteries instead of 1600s... In summary, the Mig-29 V4 is a pure joy to fly and a great enough improvement over the V3 to justify buying the RCPowers package (even if you don’t intend on building any of the other planes). BTW, if you are a beginner builder and flyer, build your first plane stock. After that design, build, fly and post your modifications so we can all learn.
    By sgmoran | June 8, 2014

    “Cheap way to learn to fly”
    Just finished my first Mig 29. Flies great, even at slow speeds! I have yet to open it up to full speed and have an NTM 3000k motor on standby once I am used to flying at full speed! I was introduced to RCPowers by a mate a few months ago and love these models. A great cheap way to learn to fly.
    By careyba | June 11, 2014

    “Great stability at high alpha”
    As durable as promised! Great Dave! The MiG-29 is a very versatile aircraft with a great stability at high alpha, and even the hovering characteristics are surprisingly good, it hovers "at least" as good as the Su-30 with a single motor setup, regardless Powertrain.
    By Airflow | July 3, 2014
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  10. Testimonials 7.png
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  11. “This is a brilliant plane!”
    This is a brilliant plane! It flies great, tracks like a missile and looks brilliant in the air. It does everything so effortlessly it makes me look good! I flew it with both elevons-only and aileron/elevator set-ups and both were terrific. It flies so well that it tends to 'float' a little during landings but that can easily be managed. I have both flaperons and spoilers installed which I'll test during landings in a later flight. The Su-34 V4 is also forgiving, as you'll see from the video of the maiden flight! AUW came in at 24.5 ounces or 695 grams including battery and paint. Set-up is 6x4 prop, 2200kv motor, 2200mah battery. This is one of those planes that is simply a joy to fly. I can't wait to get her back into the air.
    By JohnFromOz | July 18, 2014

    “Goes to show how forgiving this frame truly is”
    The MiG has a pretty wide COG for basic scale flight. One of its many forgiving features with this build. But you are correct in a final balance of this airframe. Once you find that sweet spot where you can punch out without pushing the nose up you're in a happy place and the plane will practically fly itself(a figure of speech). I've always used a felt tip and marked the placement on the foam to make it easier to hit on the next time out. I was out yesterday afternoon and we were playing in the wind.... one of those gusty days... and a small crowd had gathered behind us. Where did you buy these...yadda... yadda... How fast does it go. I'm doing speed runs and rolling out to show off a little and the plane is close enough where I could see a shutter in the one stabilizer. I burnt up that battery and landed for a fresh one when I noticed that the left side of the frame was cracked all the way through right behind the prop hole. The entire frame was only held on by one side.... sheesh....and it was still flying true. An easy fix well enough but it goes to show how forgiving this frame truly is under load... I'm glad it went well and you're able to take her out and fly another day.
    By TomMonton | July 30, 2014

    “The angled out vertical stabs really do the trick”
    Mig-29 V4 Maiden Flight Report: Just got back from the maiden, and it flew awesome.
    The NTM is a beast and this airframe handles it well. A little bit of zoom when given full power, but I had the same zoom effect on the Mig-29 V3. No issues with elevon flutter on the V4, which caused the ultimate demise on my V3. I think the straight hinge line on this V4 on the elevon, lends itself well to the design and reducing flutter. Really stable in the turns, the rudders perform great and the angled out vertical stabs really do the trick in keeping it stable without stall characteristics, just like Dave has been talking about during initial testing. The improved ailerons work great as well, she doesn't roll like a Dewalt Drill like the V3, much more scale in the aileron roll... The only structurally weak point for me was the base plate that the battery rest on, minor crack on landing from the weight of the 4 cell battery. I did not put much Foam Tac on this area in the build, so probably my fault. No big deal, but I am going to strengthen this area with some more Foam Tac and a strip of fiber glass tape. When you build the Mig-29 keep this in mind, the area directly beneath the battery where it connects to the intake nacelles needs to be built strong if carrying a heavy battery. Great design, and I look forward to many more flights on the Mig-29 V4. Now to start the SU-30 V4 lightweight edition and F-18 V4. I'm also interested to see how the SU-34 would react to the NTM Prop Drive 2700kv on it.
    By ColoradoFlyer | May 14, 2014

    “The roll rate is perfect on the V4”
    So I too thought the F-18 V3 was one of the most stable planes I have flown so I was skeptical when Dave said the V4 F-18 was even better. Well I can say that it is and more. The roll rate is perfect on the V4, I had to tame it down the V3. The leading edge slats do provide great stability, just like you said Dave, they make your loops look perfect. The performance is there if you need it, mine does nearly unlimited vertical with the FP2700kv motor on 1800mah, haven't tried any other size battery yet. The turns are great I usually start mine with the ailerons and complete it with the rudder and it tracks oh so nice!! Very stable in heavy winds as you can see from the video below. Just an all around enjoyable airframe. Again my hat goes off to Dave and Scott...Build this jet you will not be disappointed.
    By ColoradoFlyer | May 29, 2014

    “More refined and polished in every area”
    Had a relaxing morning at the field maidening the F18V4. Lots to tell! The V4 has all the performance of the V3 but is more refined and polished in every area. I love slats, or fronterons, on parkjets! On the F18 V4 there is no speed penalty with the fixed slats- a pleasant surprise. The high alpha was amazing with full flaps, and the improved rudder response of the V4 was put to good use! I blew through 3 batteries just doing high alpha. I was less impressed with the spoilerons on this plane, but I will definitely experiment with the spoileron angle and CG next. Stock CG is perfect for all around flying, but I found better performance bringing CG 3/4 of an inch forward. Nice thing about the V4 is plenty of room to push battery forward. Instead of using a heavier battery to move CG forward, like we had to do on the V3, I was able to move the 1500 3s forward enough to maintain the same low weight but shift CG forward. Immediately, I felt comfortable pushing at full throttle because, even in the breezy conditions, the plane flew like it was on rails! This most likely has to do with the slats creating more lift and the redesigned control surfaces, especially the ailerons which offer total control with no speed loss in high speed turns. Very efficient! Very impressed, Dave and Scott! I can't say enough good things about this F18V4!
    By F1wanabe | June 8, 2014
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  12. “High alpha performed like a dream even in the windy conditions”
    So I have a dozen flights on this airframe, and I love everyone of them. This aircraft just floats through the sky, and as Dave says acts almost like a kite in the wind. I have yet to fly it in calm winds which is where I think I can get it to hover, but in strong winds the high alpha is great. I love to go into a loop, cut the throttle at the top, bring it straight down until I am low to the ground and then pull back on the stick, and just watch it float a few above the ground. The build process is super easy, the plans are well laid out and the instructions are very informative. The CG tabs are great especially when I switch from a 2S to a 3S setup. I still am debating on putting a gyro on this aircraft but I know it would help with wing rock on windy days. Inverted flight is great, and the roll rate is more then enough. I have a 4x4 setup (accidently cut ailerons and felt committed to adding servos to them). I have the elevons set at 100% for the roll rate and the ailerons are only providing 50-60% of the roll. Full rates and little to no expo is the way to go, especially on elevator and rudders. Again I am super happy with this aircraft and the great designs put forth from RCPOWERS.com.
    By ColoradoFlyer | May 29, 2014

    “Very light, precise and nimble all at the same time”
    I'm a very happy SU pilot this morning! I can't compare this V4 to any other versions because there weren't any, but the looks and performance speak for itself! High alpha is great and hover is possible with more practice. The one thing you notice right away is that this is an Su, so the wing loading is super low, the plane is a floater but it is not sloppy like other planes with super low wing loading. It's very light, precise and nimble all at the same time. So, it will accept a variety of power systems from my setup which is a MJV3 on 2 and 3s to the prop drive 2700 on 4s! The design not only looks great but also flies great! The redesigned control surfaces really jump out at you. I have 150 percent throws with no expo and it is very tame...I didn't miss the KF airfoil at all on this. Stability was good all around without it! Very nice and light without KF! But wow, glad to see an RCPowers SU!
    By F1wanabe | May 13, 2014

    “CG tabs are a million dollar idea”
    Plans downloaded, off to Staples. Still sticking with the Su-30 and Mig-29 first, but that F-18 V4 has got my interest with those slats. Couple of things stuck out for me on this release. The CG tabs are a million dollar idea, nice job there. The control deflection guide is very smart too. I like how the exploded view, 3 view, master parts list, , and instructions are all on one page instead of different files like before. Grey depron shows up great in the photos. The wiring guide is excellent, even shows which way to place your servo (upside down, laying flat, etc). Hopefully I will have the Mig-29 flying by the weekend with the NTM Prop Drive on it, will post video when able. Foam Tac and fiber glass tape on the elevon hinge is a must with that motor!! JettaManDan and F1wanabe are in a race to get the first V4 in the air. Excited to see video of the first flight guys!!!
    By ColoradoFlyer | May 12, 2014

    “Handles everything I’ve tested”
    The goal is reached! The MiG V4 has got to mess with the 3648-1450kv motor with a 6s battery. Naturally, I was interested in whether the MiG V4 could handle this motor too! And so it did! better than the V3, which fell in to pieces during the Maiden flight on 5s. The MiG V4 is just like Dave describes a more sustainable aircraft, the guys at RCP has really proven that it keeps together in one piece, just as they told us it would do! Well Done, very well done! Dave and Scott. It's a smash hit! It handles everything I’ve tested, from the "master parts list" 2200kv TGY motor/6x4 APC prop/30A TGY Plush ESC/3s lipo, all the way up to the 200g TGY Motor with a 6s battery!
    By Airflow | June 30, 2014
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