Fly More Often?
How many times, just this week, did you want to go flying but couldn’t?
That’s what I’m talking about here: How can we go flying more often, more often?

Everyone else has their hobby or sport they're into, and we’re fine with that.
They like reality TV, and we like 5th generation fighters.

Speaking of, with the F-22 and F-35 tied up in red tape, there’s a race to fill the void.
The 4th generation fighters are quickly leveling up into 4+ and even 4++ fighters!

- The F/A-18 is getting a stealthy upgrade and worldwide orders are on the rise.

- The Su-30 is an aggressive jet that is expanding in capabilities and demand.
- The MiG-29 is continuing its climb as a best selling multi-role fighter.
- The Su-34 is a bit overkill some say and can carry the most weapons of its class.
Fighter jets give us a charge of energy and flying RC planes is how we channel this energy.
The more often we can get out and fly, the happier and healthier we feel. Passion for the hobby.

The problem is you’re not out flying RC now, you’re on the Internet reading about it.
Maybe you’re waiting for a part, trying to program a gizmo, or looking for something new.

What Happened?
There is more RC stuff these days than ever before so why are we not out flying more often?
Grandpa use to fly planes he built from scratch and he never missed a weekend. What happened?

Why do some guys have so much but at the same time never enough?
Sometimes it's hard to see what’s going on inside our world so looking at another can bring insight.

Look at your buddy who wants the “perfect truck”. He thinks only that can make him happy.
This way of thinking is stopping him from owning and enjoying the pretty good truck he’s got now.

The kid who’s got the best smartphone isn’t happy with it because they just came out with a “new one”.
Plus, he’s got the phone so loaded with upgrades he can hardly make a simple call without crashing it.

I realized I was doing this same kind of thing with RC planes.
I wanted the “newest, best plane” so much, that I couldn't enjoy the simple plane that I had.

After years of getting frustrated I finally realized I had to choose one of two roads.
I could keep “waiting for perfection” - or get started with what I could fly each day.

Greatest Happiness
Looking back, I really see that what's brought me the greatest happiness is the plane I fly the most! Thats it!
I’ve owned countless planes of all price ranges over the last two decades, and it's the loyal ones I love best.

Do you want the best “most perfect dog” in the world, or your loyal mutt who’s always been there for you?
Tell your friends to stop letting their grab for “more-more-more” ruin their opportunity to enjoy the good today.

I’d love to someday have the time and money for a really expensive truck.
I’d love to someday have the time and money for a scale expensive RC jet.

But for now, let me tell you, these scratchbuilt parkjets are a healthy amount of fun!
The second the clouds of chaos part I am ready to run to the school yard to fly.

I don’t have to wait for weeks, I just have to wait for the soccer kids to clear out at 6 o'clock.
How is parkjet scratchbuilding such a great niche inside a niche?

The Secret
Here’s the secret everyone else is missing, ready?
When you scratchbuild your own parkjets you own everything.

There is no bottleneck, because you control everything.
Want it done right? Who can do it better than you?

Some good points above, but what about all the other RC planes, toys, gizmos, quads out there?
Get as many as you’d like. I always have a stupid indoor flyer on hand to harass family members.

But what happens when they break down and the parts are out of stock for another 6 months again?
Why does this always happen? They were quick to sell the new product but now they can’t help you.

This always happens because you don’t own every part on that plane, some company in China does.
So when a part breaks they decide if it's in stock again not you. Painful place to be.

And now you are playing the scrape the Internet for months for a stupid $2 part for your $20 toy.
And if you log your hours, THAT is where most of your hobby time, energy, and money is going.

You ever seen the guy who finally gets that expensive car he’s been grabbing for?
Down the line he’s parked that car in the garage and is afraid to drive it. Why?

Why does he feel so much pain taking out his dream car?
Oh, because he went through hell trying to get parts, gas, insurance, etc.

Meanwhile, his son is out driving a car he works on himself.
Who’s really enjoying the car life more often here?

Break Free
How can you break free of these choke points and really fly RC more often?
I’d say look at what’s really working for other people.

When you’re on YouTube, punch in “RCPowers” and look at all the guys who own and fly our planes.
Notice all these guys own and fly their RCPowers parkjets (and even have extra time to make a video).

Guys tell us they were trying to really get into RC planes for years and this was their breakthrough.
This is where a lot of the energy on the Forum comes from. We are all so happy to be flying more often.

So, you want to fly RC more often. What are your choices here?
You can buy the new fancy product that just came out and enjoy it while it lasts (nothing wrong with that).

Or you can do what we do and that is own your own plane and fly whenever you want. That’s it!

Scratchbuilding has never been easier to get started with.
And thats what we do, help guys get into it for the long run.

If you need some more time to get ready, just start with the F-18 V3 PDF plan for now.
It's free and you can have links to access them automatically emailed to you in 2 minutes.

If you’re ready to get started right now with parkjets then you want the V4 Pro Pack.
The V4’s are known worldwide as aggressive, best selling, parkjets with overkill-instructions.

You’re still on the Internet reading. You need to be full of healthy energy out flying more often.
Thousands of worldwide orders can’t be wrong, you’ll love these multi-role parkjets too.

You’ve seen my face on the Forum, I’m on there all the time. Punch in your info below and get started.
I check this email every day if you need any help along the way:

Dave Powers

PS: Purchased your plans already? Check out the 3 steps on the Basics Parts List.



The V4 Pro Pack Includes:

  • The Su-30 V4 Hovering Parkjet PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The Su-34 V4 Super Trainer PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The F-18 V4 Multirole Parkjet PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The MiG-29 V4 Speedmaster PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • Professional Instructions for each Parkjet (easy to follow)
  • Beginner Wiring Diagrams for each Parkjet (simple to use)
  • Expert Wiring Diagrams for each Parkjet (very cool)
  • Lifetime Support & Guarantee (always here for you)

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    “Man I love this plane!”
    Just got back from a 45 minute session of flying the F-18 V4. Man, I love this plane! Today was probably one of the best days of flying I've ever had. Sunny, very light breeze, and I just seemed to get deeper into the groove with every battery. I've never felt so 'in control' of the plane, which I had doing all sorts of low/slow and low/fast stuff. Brilliant! High-alpha, inverted, flaps, no flaps, elevons only, all-elevon mix, you name it. This thing really is a full-spectrum all-rounder. Very happy camper today. I deliberately decided against taking the GoPro; I just wanted to fly. By JohnFromOz | October 4, 2014

    “Everything I dreamed about doing when I was a kid”
    Fun! Fun! Fun! That's what this hobby is. Everything I dreamed about doing when I was I a kid, I finally got to, and now from this site/people, I have building plans/skills to make and experiment on my own and fly. It's pretty amazing, with the right knowledge, tools and a couple part's, you can make something defy gravity like that. And then come back to you safely. It's great feeling, that it used to be 2 sheet's of flat lifeless foam, that now takes to the sky.
    By theplumber717 | August 26, 2014

    “Built my confidence in flying”
    THE SU-30 V4-THANK YOU- THANK YOU- Dave & Scott. This plane is a DREAM, DREAM, DREAM! WOW! ELEVONS ONLY. I'm the guy who destroyed a BIXLER RTF in 5 flights! Have broken more props and wrecked more home made planes then I or you could count! I have struggled so so much to build and fly an RC plane you have no idea! But from the time I launched it on the maiden- IT BUILT MY CONFIDENCE IN FLYING- IT IS JUST ONE SWEET FLYER-AND IN THE WIND!!! DOUBLE WOW!!! Thanks for GUYS for all time it took to design them all, It's so much appreciated. -Marair23-HAPPY CUSTOMER
    By marair23 | May 17, 2014

    “Can’t believe how easy they are to build and fly!”
    About 10 people at the local club are flying MIG29V4 and they love them. They can’t believe how easy they are to build and fly. There was a Dad and son at the field with a brand new Bixler. When they landed, I gave them the SU34. They were very nervous as they thought, given the looks of the plane, they would be out of their depth - they never went back to the Bixler and the look on the son’s face was priceless. Here he was, a 14 year old flying a Russian Fighter - wait until he tells his mates!
    By Alex, RCFoamFly | December 11, 2014

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