The Super Series Su-27 Premium PDF Package

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Special Features
  • New - Modular Nose: The modular nosecone takes the hits so your plane doesn't have to. Yes, everyone is going to be talking about this.

  • New - Gen-5 Fuselage: The new Generation 5 fuselage has a simpler, stronger internal frame. Smart design that’s easy to achieve.

  • New - Centered Electronics: Keep your center of mass on the center of gravity. Stay balanced to perfection with any sized power system.

  • New - Movable Motor Mount: The movable motor mount adjusts to your motor size. Now your plane naturally works with your parts.

  • New - Electronics Hatch: A newly constructed, stronger, hatch that looks like a scale airbrake. Even your hatch is beautiful and intelligent.

  • Leading Edge Slats: The leading edge slat airfoil produces scale lift with far less weight compared to a KF. You’re now free to fly like the real thing.

  • The Super Series Su-27 Premium PDF Package:
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