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“This is a brilliant plane!”
This is a brilliant plane! It flies great, tracks like a missile and looks brilliant in the air. It does everything so effortlessly it makes me look good! I flew it with both elevons-only and aileron/elevator set-ups and both were terrific. It flies so well that it tends to 'float' a little during landings but that can easily be managed. I have both flaperons and spoilers installed which I'll test during landings in a later flight. The Su-34 V4 is also forgiving, as you'll see from the video of the maiden flight! AUW came in at 24.5 ounces or 695 grams including battery and paint. Set-up is 6x4 prop, 2200kv motor, 2200mah battery. This is one of those planes that is simply a joy to fly. I can't wait to get her back into the air. By JohnFromOz | July 18, 2014

“Goes to show how forgiving this frame truly is”
The MiG has a pretty wide COG for basic scale flight. One of its many forgiving features with this build. But you are correct in a final balance of this airframe. Once you find that sweet spot where you can punch out without pushing the nose up you're in a happy place and the plane will practically fly itself(a figure of speech). I've always used a felt tip and marked the placement on the foam to make it easier to hit on the next time out. I was out yesterday afternoon and we were playing in the wind.... one of those gusty days... and a small crowd had gathered behind us. Where did you buy these...yadda... yadda... How fast does it go. I'm doing speed runs and rolling out to show off a little and the plane is close enough where I could see a shutter in the one stabilizer. I burnt up that battery and landed for a fresh one when I noticed that the left side of the frame was cracked all the way through right behind the prop hole. The entire frame was only held on by one side.... sheesh....and it was still flying true. An easy fix well enough but it goes to show how forgiving this frame truly is under load... I'm glad it went well and you're able to take her out and fly another day. By TomMonton | July 30, 2014

“The angled out vertical stabs really do the trick”
Mig-29 V4 Maiden Flight Report: Just got back from the maiden, and it flew awesome. The NTM is a beast and this airframe handles it well. A little bit of zoom when given full power, but I had the same zoom effect on the Mig-29 V3. No issues with elevon flutter on the V4, which caused the ultimate demise on my V3. I think the straight hinge line on this V4 on the elevon, lends itself well to the design and reducing flutter. Really stable in the turns, the rudders perform great and the angled out vertical stabs really do the trick in keeping it stable without stall characteristics, just like Dave has been talking about during initial testing. The improved ailerons work great as well, she doesn't roll like a Dewalt Drill like the V3, much more scale in the aileron roll... The only structurally weak point for me was the base plate that the battery rest on, minor crack on landing from the weight of the 4 cell battery. I did not put much Foam Tac on this area in the build, so probably my fault. No big deal, but I am going to strengthen this area with some more Foam Tac and a strip of fiber glass tape. When you build the Mig-29 keep this in mind, the area directly beneath the battery where it connects to the intake nacelles needs to be built strong if carrying a heavy battery. Great design, and I look forward to many more flights on the Mig-29 V4. Now to start the SU-30 V4 lightweight edition and F-18 V4. I'm also interested to see how the SU-34 would react to the NTM Prop Drive 2700kv on it. By ColoradoFlyer | May 14, 2014

“The roll rate is perfect on the V4”
So I too thought the F-18 V3 was one of the most stable planes I have flown so I was skeptical when Dave said the V4 F-18 was even better. Well I can say that it is and more. The roll rate is perfect on the V4, I had to tame it down the V3. The leading edge slats do provide great stability, just like you said Dave, they make your loops look perfect. The performance is there if you need it, mine does nearly unlimited vertical with the FP2700kv motor on 1800mah, haven't tried any other size battery yet. The turns are great I usually start mine with the ailerons and complete it with the rudder and it tracks oh so nice!! Very stable in heavy winds as you can see from the video below. Just an all around enjoyable airframe. Again my hat goes off to Dave and Scott...Build this jet you will not be disappointed. By ColoradoFlyer | May 29, 2014

“More refined and polished in every area”
Had a relaxing morning at the field maidening the F18V4. Lots to tell! The V4 has all the performance of the V3 but is more refined and polished in every area. I love slats, or fronterons, on parkjets! On the F18 V4 there is no speed penalty with the fixed slats- a pleasant surprise. The high alpha was amazing with full flaps, and the improved rudder response of the V4 was put to good use! I blew through 3 batteries just doing high alpha. I was less impressed with the spoilerons on this plane, but I will definitely experiment with the spoileron angle and CG next. Stock CG is perfect for all around flying, but I found better performance bringing CG 3/4 of an inch forward. Nice thing about the V4 is plenty of room to push battery forward. Instead of using a heavier battery to move CG forward, like we had to do on the V3, I was able to move the 1500 3s forward enough to maintain the same low weight but shift CG forward. Immediately, I felt comfortable pushing at full throttle because, even in the breezy conditions, the plane flew like it was on rails! This most likely has to do with the slats creating more lift and the redesigned control surfaces, especially the ailerons which offer total control with no speed loss in high speed turns. Very efficient! Very impressed, Dave and Scott! I can't say enough good things about this F18V4! By F1wanabe | June 8, 2014

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