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“Score & fold design genius”
I just bought the V4 Package and after a quick look at the plans and instructions all I can say is: RCPowers did it again! The design and the plans of the V4 planes are a work of art, as always. Scott is a score & fold design genius! Also the pictures in the instructions are really nice (they used dark grey foam during the build so there is more contrast and visible detail). Unfortunately, family issues (rather tragically) and work won't allow me to start building very soon (I still have a 90% done F-35 V3 waiting to get finished, and two other V3 planes already cut out since 4 month). Anyhow, the V2 and V3 series have turned out to be well spent money for me and I have no doubt this will also be the case for V4. Keep up the good work! By CptChaos | May 14, 2014

“Thanks for taking that guesswork out”
w00t!!! got the V4s!!! First thing I noticed that I definitely appreciate are the CG tabs and velcro placement suggestions. Weird as it may be, I feel a lot better knowing exactly where I should be putting down velcro THE FIRST TIME instead of making educated guesses - which end up being kinda right and weighing the plane down from my not-so-accurate guesses. Because we ALL know that on some planes, it's a PAIN to get that velcro in just the right spot after the build is complete. Thanks for taking that guesswork out of the builds, Dave and Scott! By gibby1117 | May 12, 2014

“Did not require any trim”
Just test flew my new Su-34 V4 with elevons only. What a fun plane. Did not require any trim changes after take off. Love the way it flies either fast or slow. Need a lot more practice but found that it flies exactly as advertised and with the C of G right on what a rush. Did not know how to get on the forum so thought I would send email this way. I added a couple of small mods. Took rectangle of 6 mm depron on the bottom of the engine nacelles with some fibre glass tape. I taped these on so that when the wear just take them off and replace with more tape. Also added just a small wedge of three pieces of depron sandwiched together under the nose to keep from wearing it down. The plane AUW came in at 25 oz. For such a large plane sure flies well. Thanks again to you and all of your team, By Andy C. Schulthess | 11/14/14

“Man I love this plane!”
Just got back from a 45 minute session of flying the F-18 V4. Man, I love this plane! Today was probably one of the best days of flying I've ever had. Sunny, very light breeze, and I just seemed to get deeper into the groove with every battery. I've never felt so 'in control' of the plane, which I had doing all sorts of low/slow and low/fast stuff. Brilliant! High-alpha, inverted, flaps, no flaps, elevons only, all-elevon mix, you name it. This thing really is a full-spectrum all-rounder. Very happy camper today. I deliberately decided against taking the GoPro; I just wanted to fly. By JohnFromOz | October 4, 2014

“Blown away by its handling capabilities”
Maidenhead my F-18 V4 and was blown away by it's handling capabilities. First time with a 4x4 setup and it took me a few minutes to get used to the responsiveness. Longest flight yet at seven minutes! Then I found a chain link fence. I was still smiling though. Luckily I'm using a 2700 so Frankenstein can handle the extra glue weight and will fly again! Build, fly, crash, repair, repeat! By homey66 | October 11, 2014

“Did not have to use any trim”
Test flew the F-18 V4 twice this morning with awesome results. Did not have to use any trim during the whole flight. Did loops, rolls, Cobras, fast passes and slow flight. This is a forgiving platform with no unexpected results. 1st flight was 14 min 30 sec on a Motion RC Admiral 2200 Pro 45C battery and 2nd flight on another Admiral 2200 Pro battery 12 min cause I flew vertical for 30 seconds. Gets a little small. By hawkhaven | November 28, 2014

“Easily went together”
Started making my first V4 today, the Su-30. Really pleased with how easily it went together. This is my 5th RCPowers plane, so I'm getting the hang of them now. Even so I'm amazed with my average cutting out skills it still fits together so well. By flightyfishcake | May 26, 2014

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The V4 Pro Pack Includes:

  • The Su-30 V4 Hovering Parkjet PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The Su-34 V4 Super Trainer PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The F-18 V4 Multirole Parkjet PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • The MiG-29 V4 Speedmaster PDF Plans ($15.99 value)
  • Professional Instructions for each Parkjet (easy to follow)
  • Beginner Wiring Diagrams for each Parkjet (simple to use)
  • Expert Wiring Diagrams for each Parkjet (very cool)
  • Lifetime Support & Guarantee (always here for you)

  • $63.96 worth of stuff!

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