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The Five Best Parkjets
We've Ever Designed!


I want to fly some cool RC jets but I'm not sure what to get? We aren't sure what to fly either which is why we bring 5 to the field. People are always surprised when we pull out our planes and toss one in the air. They always ask, "Where did you get that" We tell them we made them and they have a hard time believing us. Why pay big bucks for a store bought RC plane that's just going to break and they won't even sell you parts to fix it? Why not build your own RC planes for pennies on the dollar like we do? We have the PDF plans, Instructional Guides, and even a Simulator to do it all from home in a couple evenings.

Thousands of guys around the world have built, flown and recommended our V2 parkjets and have been asking us if we were ever coming out with a V3 series. Thank you everyone for all the support over the years and now we are officially announcing the arrival of the V3's. The new V3 Complete Package includes 5 world class parkjet PDFs, Instructional Guides, and their own Simulator. Yes, their own full Simulator that requires no downloading, no CDs, because it's the first of it's kind. It plays from your browser. The RCPowers V3 Complete Package is a solid generation ahead of the V2's and they bring with them a few surprises. You've got to see this, but please allow me to provide a little context first:

What Else Is Out There?

I've been flying RC planes since 1992 and have been in the RC business since 2005. I use to fly ready made store bought planes but just got so tired of the high costs, long repair times, and continuous problems we all had with them. It became more of a hassle than a hobby. So, I joined the foamie revolution and started building my own planes with a small team here. We converted some of our best planes to PDF plans so we could share them with others. If you search "RCPowers" on YouTube you will find hundreds of videos of guys out there just like you who have built and flown our planes over the years. We have been very fortunate that so many people like our designs, but a few problems started to emerge...

With so many intelligent designers all over the world joining scratchbuilding our once cutting edge V2's started to be passed up. Even the store bought planes were finally getting out some good rival jets. We also saw on the Forum that guys were having some issues with our V2's themselves. They were super stable with their larger size, but a bit awkward to pack in the trunk. And for so many of us (myself included at times) doing the "side toss" on some models was a bit tricky under stress. Plus, even with our V2 package that had all the planes in it plus a training course, we were still getting emails of guys having trouble making it all the way to a successful first flight...

We started asking ourselves some hard questions: "What would it take to make our jets even better? How would we solve these "unsolvable" issues guys are having at the field? How could we make the info faster and easier to learn so guys could be super confident on their first flight?" So we went to work. And after a year of testing we are proud to be back with some real answers. Let me go over some features and benefits of the new V3 parkjets, the Instructional-Guides, and the new Simulator:

1) New V3 ParkJets

We've designed and sold over a couple dozen airplane designs over the years. We took the best of the best several years ago and made the V1 fleet. A couple years later we took the best of the best of that fleet and made the V2's. The V2's where a huge success with thousands of flying customers worldwide. Now we've taken the largest leap forward yet with the V3's. Think of when car designers come out a complete new approach of making last year's car. Every once in awhile the pull off something amazing that is even better than before. We are very happy to see how well the V3's just kill it. Let me tell you more about how they are designed and then show you the new fleet:

Easy Build, Scale Looks. You know how radically different the V2's were from the V1s? Well, the V3's outright embarrass the V2's. Building them is easier than ever and you'll be surprised why. Get this, they are more scale yet less parts. How did we do that? Let me explain: By furthering our score-fold-notch technique we"ve been able to take many pieces and make them a "single piece". This means less cutting for you, no measuring, no guessing, just lock the parts in the notches.

Built In Hand Grip. No more awkward hand launches. Every jet has a built in secure hand grip on the top. This means the prefered underhand toss that everyone loved on the F-18 V2 had is now standard on all of them! For a couple of jets we actually hid this grip under the electronics hatch. You open the hatch to launch and upon take off it slams shut. Everyone gets a kick out of that.

Perfect Size. The size of each is perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean change the dimensions 1 inch in any direction and you will get less than desired results. Any bigger and they become hard to transport in the average car, need more than one carbon tube to support, and are slower. Any smaller and they become less stable and are limited in aerobatics. This seems simple, but this was one of the things that took us the longest to get solid numbers on. Months of debating, calculating, building and testing has brought us the results we were pushing for. They have the speed and simplicity of the V1's with the stability of the V2's. Just perfect.

Common Motor. With this ideal size it's allowed us to build all the V3's around the most common parkjet motor in the world, the 2200kv, 47g "400 sized" outrunner. This is a motor we had designed with Grayson Hobby back in 2009. Reason is, it moves the 6x4 prop fast and efficiently and this gives the jets the ideal combination of both acceleration and top speed. And same as above, change the prop or motor size in any direction and you get more acceleration with bad torque roll and slower top end speeds. Changing it the other way makes it faster with no acceleration which leads to crashing in turns and takeoffs. Using this popular sized motor, that is now sold everywhere, means that more guys can build and fly these planes for less. And if you're on a budget, buy one power system and just move it from plane to plane. We made the motor mounting screws easy to get to in each plane. Think about that. You don't have to spend over $100 on getting power systems for 5 planes. We can show you how to buy one power system and use it on all your planes and save so much money.

Meet The Fleet. Who are you? What is your flight experience? What would you like to move up to? One thing you really got to know is each V3 is wildly different from the others. Each jet has a "best of" feature hidden inside them. Let me give you a quick summary, and there is more detail on their specific pages: The F-117 is the best looking and by far gets the most lookie-Lou"s and questions of any plane at the field. Because there is nothing like it on the market its "rare" factor pulls people in. The F-35 is the easiest to fly for beginners. It's big, super stable, slow, and has some self correcting features built-in which make it silly-easy to fly. The F-22 is for the expert pilots only, because it can be thrown "out of control" for advanced moves like flat spins. An advanced flyer who wants full control of his jet is going to like this one. The MiG-29 with its sleek design is the fastest for all the speed freaks. Put a KF4 on it and don't fly it with any trees around. And my personal favorite, the best all around, the F-18. Wow, I've never flown a plane so handsoff. It's 100% stable 100% of the time. Speed, rolls, loops, turns, all executed without even a flinch of instability. If you're not sure which one to start with, the F-18 V3 is the one!

2) Instructional Guides.

"Perfect For Beginners"

What are the the "Instructional Guides" all about? This is the next generation of everything-you-need-to-know to get in the air. We"ve taken the best info from our Instructional courses and integrated it into the detailed build instructions of each plane. So what you get is detailed instructions with photographs of each build step from a few angles. The idea is someone who knows nothing about RC or even what an "aileron" is can follow the steps quickly and put the planes together in a couple evenings or less. The bottom line is, we want everyone who gets the RCPowers V3 Complete Package to feel confident in how fast and easy they can get these planes in the air.

Parts Needed. This is one of the biggest reasons we all fly foamies in the first place, saving on the costly electronics. When you buy a $200 store bought plane how much of that cost do you think covers the foam? Maybe a few bucks, not much. The cost is coming from the motor, speed controller, battery, servos, radio, etc. So why not move all those electronics parts over to another foam plane and install them? For the same cost as a few batteries we can show you how the rest of us are saving hundreds of dollars. This is exactly what this is all about; Cheap foam, good parts, fly it till the wings fall off, and move the parts to the next one. When you know what you're doing, these planes can be built in an evening just using tools from around the house, foam from the hardware store, and a box of inexpensive hobby electronics. We layout everything you need and where to get them so you can start literally tonight.

The Build. I've answered thousands of build emails over the years and have a pretty good idea where guys get stuck. And what I've noticed is the real problem is the designers don't make their instructions clear and easy enough. I've found great success in making things over clear. We are talking kindergarten level easy. This is what I appreciate when I'm reading instructions I'm not familiar with, right? I don't want to have to think, guess, look it up, feel stupid, none of that. You know that feeling you get when you beat a group of 5 year olds at basket ball? Yeah, that's how easy and fun I want the instructions to be. This is how the build pages of the Super Instructions are for you. Every step clearly and quickly explained, pictures from a few angles, and the parts themselves even have notches on them so they won't let you mess up. It's been years of refining this process and I think you are really going to enjoy the build itself.

First Flight. Some guys fly through the build and literally get to their first flight, take off, crash, and never come back! I know how this feels, I spent 2 years trying to get 2 successful flights in a row. This is the worst because most guys are less than 1% off. What's usually needed is just a small tweak on the control surfaces, or moving the battery up 1/2 an inch. The little details make all the difference, don't they? In these pages in the Instructional-Guides we get you and your plane 100% flight ready with our checklist. We know these planes inside and out (since we designed them) so if you crash we consider that our fault. It's our responsibility to have you over prepared and confident for your first flight, and we are happy to see that this is going to do that for you.

Customer Support. Even if everything is going good there are always those little things that come up that you may need a hand with, we understand that. We've devoted alot of our resources to customer support and helping those who are supporting us. Even if you have a "dumb question" don't worry about it, just send us a quick email and we'll write you back within 24 hours (M-F). We are also constantly looking to improve our planes and systems so it goes both ways. If you have some ideas that you know will help us, please at least post them on the Forum or send us an email.

3) RCPowers Simulator.

"Plays from your browser!"
RCPowers Simulator

You know you are working on something good when you continue to catch the team (and yourself) playing a little too long on it. What gets me is when you are pulling high alpha or tight loops and you slow the planes down too much, they actually wing rock as they stall! It"s little things like this that make me feel like I'm flying the real V3's in the Sim. And that's what I need, to know that when I'm "playing around" on the Sim that I'm also getting in some real practice hours that are going to translate to flight confidence at the field. This means I can fly more, crash less, and put on some real airshows for the guys.

Fly All 5 Of The V3s. Where else can you get 5 of literally the best parkjets in the world plus their very own Simulator to practice on" This Simulator is nothing like the others you've played. I know this because it's the first in the RC world to run from the browser and not require any downloading from your computer. Do you know what this means? This means as we continue to work on, improve, and add new stuff to the Sim you will automatically be getting a free upgrade. No downloading, no updating, no getting stuck with last year's model. You are on the cutting edge of RC Simulation and we do the work to keep you there. Now you can practice whenever you want and which ever V3 plane you want. How real is it? How fun is it? Fly one flight around the aircraft carrier and you tell me.

Easy To Use. Look, I'm not a computer guy, I get so frustrated with technology too. The honest reason why I stopped flying the $200 fancy simulators myself the past few years is because I couldn't deal with the all the software problems. Sure it's "easy for everyone else" but it's just kryptonite to me. Fortunately co-owner Scott Lott is much stronger where I am weak and he led the project on getting this Simulator developed over the last year. I'm not smart enough to know how it works but I do know how stupid-easy it is. The price-to-fun-factor is off the chart on this one. You don't have to pay anywhere near $200 for software that slows down your computer and a "special" plastic controller. You know anything that runs off the gaming controllers you already have laying around is going in the right direction. And that's where you will go when you download the V3 Complete Package, in the right direction.

Starting Tips

My personal recommendations is you just got to try this out. The worst that can happen is you get a free Simulator out of it. Pick the payment method that works best for you, fly the Simulator, look over the PDF plans, and decide if you want to keep them. You are going to love being a part of the next wave of guys flying these V3s. But if for whatever reason you don't want to keep the V3 Complete Package, just email us back and we'll send you a full refund and you keep the V3 Complete Package including the Simulator. This is a win-win deal for you and we are just an email away to make sure of it.

Thank you for reading this and all the support we've gotten from the RC community over the years. The team here is happy to share with everyone something that has brought us all so much fun. The RCPowers V3 Complete Package is a solid generation ahead of anything else out there and I know you're going to be so happy with the surprises inside. :)

V3 Complete Package Includes

  • You get the entire V3 PDF fleet: F-117, F-35, F-22, MiG-29, and F-18. (A $74.95 value)
  • You get detailed & printable Instructional Guides. Very beginner friendly. (A $59 value)
  • You get the RCPowers Simulator so you can start flying minutes from now. (A $49 value)
  • No waiting for shipping. The V3 Complete Package is an instant digital download.
  • Seconds after your purchase you are emailed a username and password to access it.
  • The monthly payment option also provides full instant access to the entire V3 Pack.
  • Because the V3 Complete Package is digital, you get updates & add ins automatically.
  • Works on PC & Mac (all Windows, all Apple & Android phones & devices), & Linux.
  • Instant digital download & unlimited real e-mail support. We support you!

This is over $182.92 worth of stuff!
The V3 Complete Package

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