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Industry Leading RC Show
RCPowers has been leading the RC video industry since 2005. Their videos on YouTube alone average 100,000 views per day with a total of 80 million and counting. Their highly active forum has over 10,000 members with over 80,000 posts. Often imitated by the many “Me-Too” RC sites, RCPowers continues to lead the industry in both Internet videos as well highly advanced airplane designs.

World Famous Designs

1 - First stable F-117 kit (2006)
2 - First thrust vectoring kit (2007)
3 - Flying School Bus (2007)
4 - Gyro stabilized Su-37 (2008)
5 - First tailless X-36 (2008)
6 - F-35 STOVL (2009)
7 - Best Selling F-22 EB (2010)
8 - High Performance F-18 (2011)
9 - Scale UFO (In Development)

What RCPowers Can Do For You
If you are looking to get into or progress your RC airplane skills, this is the home for you. You are not going to find anyone out there with an expert resume like RCPowers. They have mastered the skill of making amazing planes fly while using simple inexpensive parts. These guys are not the snobby know-it-all AMA type we’ve all run into at the field. RCPowers brings expert knowledge to the average guy in a very simple friendly way in their Monday YouTube shows and Ultimate RC Course.

Dave Powers
produces the YouTube videos and can play a pretty mean game of Tetris.
  Scott Lott
is the master tech guy behind the scenes, and is a life long Miami Dolphins fan.